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HealthMatrix Making Workplaces Pandemic-Proof

When COVID-19 shook the world, businesses were caught unprepared. But in the heart of the crisis, a solution emerged: HealthMatrix. This advanced platform utilizes AI and QR-code technology to help you confidently navigate outbreaks with rapid response and data-driven decision-making. Here’s how we built a platform that puts your workplace safety first.

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Project Team Size and Timeline



10 Members

Project Manager (1) | UI/UX Designers (2) | App Developers (2) (Android & iOS) | Backend Developers (2) | QA Testers (1) | Marketing and Business Development Specialists (2)



7-8 Months



Industry: Healthcare

Our Development Process:

  • 1


    Identifying gaps in pandemic management and conceptualizing an AI-powered solution for safer workplaces.

  • 2

    Tools and Tech

    Building a tech stack with a potent AI engine, secure data management, and user-friendly mobile app frameworks.

  • 3

    Integration & Security

    Linking platform components, facilitating data exchange, and implementing multi-layered data protection.

  • 4

    Testing & Refinement

    Testing of AI accuracy, user experience, and security, with iterative improvements for optimal performance.

  • 5

    Gradual Deployment

    Phased rollout to pilot organizations, collecting feedback and optimizing for broader user adoption.

  • 6

    Continuous Enhancement

    Ongoing updates, improvements, and adaptations based on user feedback and evolving regulations.

Challenges Faced

  • Streamlining Vaccination and Testing: Simplifying vaccination drives, tracking stats, and implementing home self-testing for better transparency.
  • Fraud Prevention: Reducing the risk of fake test/vaccination reports through AI-powered verification and secure data management.
  • Regulatory Compliance: Ensuring compliance with strict HIPAA and GDPR data privacy and security regulations.
  • Smooth Onboarding: Integrating HealthMatrix seamlessly into workplace systems for hassle-free employee onboarding.
  • Global Adaptability: Adapting HealthMatrix to diverse international regulations and healthcare landscapes.

Solutions andStrategies Used

  • AI Health Platform: Streamline vaccination/testing, issue verifiable health certificates, and monitor real-time health status on a centralized SaaS platform
  • Mobile Apps: Created HealthMatrix app for scheduling tests/vaccinations and accessing certificates. Developed Checkpoint app for security verification.
  • Lab Integration: Established direct connection with labs for accurate data and simplified health certificate issuance.
  • Anti-Fraud Home Self-Test: Engineered AI-backed solution for remote monitoring, ensuring fraud-free execution, and accurate certification of home self-tests.

Technology Stack Used

  • AWSCloud: AWS
  • Backend Backend: Django
  • DatabaseDatabase: PostgreSQL
  • Data AnalyticsData Analytics: TensorFlow
  • Web-AppWeb App: ReactJS
  • Mobile Apps: React Native
Mobile Apps: React Native
  • Secure-APILab Integration: Secure API
  • Workplace Integration: APIs/SDKs
Workplace Integration: APIs/SDKs
  • Data-encryptionSecurity: Data encryption, access control, audits
  • ComplianceCompliance: HIPAA/GDPR, penetration testing

HealthMatrix Key Features

Streamlined Vaccination and Testing

Streamlined Vaccination and Testing

AI Fraud Prevention

AI Fraud Prevention

Regulatory Compliance

Regulatory Compliance (HIPAA/GDPR)

Seamless Onboarding

Seamless Onboarding


Global Adaptability

Centralized AI Health Platform

Centralized AI Health Platform

Lab Integration

Lab Integration

Checkpoint App

Checkpoint App


Anti-Fraud Home Self-Test


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