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ObuntuNation is a cloud-based CRM/EMR platform designed to meet the needs of small to medium-sized medical organizations, providers, and startups. The platform is easy to use, 100% HIPAA compliant, and can be configured to meet the specific needs of any provider.
The platform helps healthcare organizations improve communication and collaboration between staff members, improve patient care by tracking patient information and history, reduce IT costs, and improve patient data security by leveraging the security features of the cloud provider.

Our Team Size and Deadline


3 Members

Designers (1) | Developers (1) QA (1)


2 Months

of hard work



Industry: Healthcare


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Project Completion

Our Process

  • 1


    Market Understanding localization

  • 2


    User Flow Designing

  • 3


    Mobile Application & Website

  • 4


    Ensuring the product quality. Website Publishing

  • 5


    Play Store Publishing Website Publishing

  • 6

    Support and Maintenance

    Attain the enhanced & steady performance of the system.

What Are The Challenges Faced During ObuntuNation Development?

The client wanted us to add new features and customize some old & existing ones. The primary challenges while developing cloud-based CRM/EMR were security concerns, integration challenges, and data migration challenges.

We had to ensure the following:

  • Data was unauthorized access protected and resilient to fishing attacks.
  • The cloud-based system should seamlessly integrate with existing systems.
  • Data was migrated correctly, and there was no loss of data.
  • Integration of a knowledge base system with the EMR to provide clinicians with clinical decision support at the point of care.
  • Integration with different APIs to provide enhanced functionality and benefits for platform users
  • Finally, we also had to ensure that the system was easy to use, scalable and reliable.

Meeting all these requirements was going to be a challenging task. Besides, a cloud-based platform consists of several components, including hardware (servers), software (operating systems), networking equipment, storage devices, data centers, and management tools. We needed to ensure that different components worked together seamlessly to deliver a hassle-free experience for platform users.

What Plans & Solutions We Implemented?

Our tasks and goals were clear. Here’s a brief overview of our strategy and how we implemented it to deliver a top-notch cloud-based CRM/EMR system

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Technology Stack

  • PHP, CI
  • Html
  • CSS

What Are The Features of ObuntuNation

The client wanted the cloud CRM/EMR solution to manage patient/doctor/hospital data, track interactions and communications, and automate workflows. It also needed to provide reporting and analytics features to help healthcare organizations better understand patient behavior, care quality, and trends. Based on these requirements, the following features were added to the platform:

Customizable dashboards

Patient Portal for secure communication

User authentication

Role-based access control

Data encryption at rest and in transit

Data integrity and security

Malware protection

Firewall protection

Custom reports

E-mail/message/call integration

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