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MDev Global is an online platform that connects international medical device manufacturers to local markets. This one-stop-shop offers an easy way to find the right product distributor, streamlining the process from start to finish.

Manufacturers can list their products, create pages, and connect with potential buyers to reach a wider audience and grow their business. With MDev, medical device manufacturers get the best possible service and support to focus on what they do best: making life-saving medical devices!

Our Team Size and Deadline


4 Members

BA (1) | Project manager (1) Digital Marketer (1) | Content writer (1)


1 Month



Industry: Healthcare


Ask Price

Project Completion

Our Process

  • 1


    Market Understanding localization

  • 2


    User Flow Designing

  • 3


    Mobile Application & Website

  • 4


    Ensuring the product quality. Website Publishing

  • 5


    Play Store Publishing Website Publishing

  • 6

    Support and Maintenance

    Attain the enhanced & steady performance of the system.

What Are Challenges We Faced During MDev Global

MDev wanted a sales-centric content marketing strategy. They wanted to share their story, promote their services in Asia, Africa, North America, and Europe, and connect with potential customers. The goal was to help device manufacturers expand their reach, increase sales, and boost revenue.

The primary challenges to this vision were:

  • Make critical changes to improve the platform’s visual appeal, navigation, searchability, and user experience.
  • Ensure the content published on the platform and the distribution network is aligned with MDevs business goals.
  • Create a detailed content strategy to reach a wider audience quickly and easily. And earn the trust and confidence of device manufacturers in Asia, Europe, and other regions.
  • Attract high-quality leads that were a perfect fit for the listed products or services. And put into place a streamlined buyer-seller journey to convert leads into customers.

What Plans & Solutions We Implemented?

We began by analyzing the target audience and their needs. We looked at what content was shared and what the competitor platforms produced.

We planned to experiment with different content formats and see what works best for our target audience. Every content had to be value-driven based on data insights from Google, Facebook, and other platforms. We also used quality PR, SEO, and social campaigns to increase brand awareness.

Here’s a small snippet of our solution:
  • We created engaging and informative content to ensure visitors stayed on the platform longer. We improved the site’s navigation by providing clear and concise links to related pages.
  • We streamlined buyer-seller interactions. We helped sellers connect with other experts, share ideas, and get feedback. It ensures device manufacturers have the right expertise to explore new markets and comply with regulatory requirements.
  • Next, we created detailed device specifications, published them, and distributed them to key target markets. It helped us promote medical devices and products to key buyers and decision-makers.
  • Finally, we optimized content for improving sales using keywords and phrases relevant to potential customers, creating catchy and attention-grabbing headlines, and using persuasive language. We also tailored content to appeal to specific demographics or customer personas.

Technology Stack

  • PHP
  • MySQL
  • Swift
  • Kotlin

What The Features of the MDev Platform

The MDev platform is explicitly designed for the medical device industry. It offers a variety of features that make buying and selling medical devices easy and convenient.

Device Manufacturer’s Admin Panel

Device Manufacturer Profile Page

Devices Inventory management

Product specifications

Buyers (Hospitals, Clinics, Providers, etc.) Login/Registration

Subscription Plan

Location Page

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