Telehealth App Development 2022: Benefits, Costs, Features, and Pitfalls

Telehealth App Development

During the past years, many of us have encountered the term Telehealth. It is a prominent way involved to help patients get the best healthcare facilities being at home. Witnessing the telehealth trends in 2022, healthcare organizations are primarily focusing on Telehealth App Development. The platform offers exclusive healthcare services to patients from a distance.

Telehealth makes the consultation process simple and easy for both doctors and patients. Both doctors and patients can always be in touch. With the help of Telehealth services, doctors don’t have to rent a workplace. It also reduces the readmission rate for hospitals. Apart from it, healthcare providers gain a new channel for distributing their services. 

Therefore, many software companies have started building Telehealth applications. Today, the article will discuss “how to make a telehealth app?”. Simultaneously, we will discuss all of its related aspects like telehealth app development cost, and its features.


What is Telehealth?

Telehealth is a method of providing healthcare services to patients on a remote basis. Telehealth is the primary unit, its other prominent category is Telemedicine. Both of the terms are interoperable and are highly appreciated. Only four things are required to use Telehealth services and these are:

  • Telehealth software – It helps the patients to connect with doctors and store electronic health records.
  • Camera – It helps doctors to examine their patients.
  • Microphone –  To talk with each other.
  • Internet Connection: Good net connectivity to receive audio or video calls.

Let’s take a look at different types of Telehealth App Development:

1. Online Video Conference 

It is the most common type of telehealth / telemedicine app development solution. Doctors examine their patients through video calling from their devices. Sometimes patients know about their diseases, so they need only a confirmation of the diagnosis. Instead of waiting in line or going to the hospital, the patients can easily book an appointment to consult with a doctor.

2. Treatment advice

This type applies to the patients who already know about their diseases. They consult with the doctors with the help of text to ask questions regarding their treatment. These texts don’t distract doctors from other patients. These apps have a calling feature also.

3. Prescription management

This type helps the patients to get their prescriptions online. Telehealth apps Store patients’ electronic health records so that doctors prescribe medicine based on medical history. For this, the user has to do one thing is to apply the recipe and wait until this appliance is submitted. After this, they can go to the pharmacy with a printed prescription or show it on their device.


Why Build a Telehealth Application?

Due to following reasons, a telehealth application development is required:

Reduced healthcare costs: Due to the remote healthcare services, businesses don’t have to rent a working space. Previously, the doctors had to rent a place for their clinic or work in a hospital. But now, telemedicine apps allow doctors to work independently and provide their services.

Not only doctors get the benefit, but also hospitals and clinics. The consultation process becomes faster in hospitals and clinics. Patients don’t have to wait in line. Now, hospitals earn more revenue in shorter terms.

  • Time-Efficient treatment– Due to telemedicine apps, the time spent by a person to get healthcare services is reduced by 56%. Now, the patients can book the appointment from their homes.
  • Easier access to healthcare– It can be of great use where no healthcare services are available. The people who live in distant or rural areas will receive healthcare services from their homes.
  • Effective time management for doctors– with the help of this app, now doctors can manage their time and won’t miss any appointments.
  • Convenient access to electronic health records– The app can store the electronic health records of the patients. On the basis of EHRs, doctors prescribe medicine to patients.

What is the Telehealth App Development Features for Patients?

Any telehealth app is accompanied by some great features available for both doctors and patients. Here are some prominent features for patients:

Telehealth App Development

  • Registration

The user can register them in the app through sign-in via email or with the help of Facebook or Google sign-in. Telemedicine apps store a lot of personal data. So, a personal account is required.

  • Profile management

After registration, the user has to set up their personal profile. The personal profile includes general data like name, gender, age, etc. The personal information should be private and available only to doctors and the owner.

  • Search & Filters

Search & Filters features will help the user find the right doctors, language, rating, and more.

  • Video conferencing

It is a key element of telemedicine app development. The video quality should be high so that the doctors could see the symptoms. To avoid buffering, apps should have a feature to adjust the video quality automatically.

  • Text Chat

Text chat will help to solve the minor issues. Text can’t distract the doctors from other patients.

  • Payment Details

It is a vital feature of telehealth app development. The user can pay a fee to the doctors through a custom payment service or a third-party system.

  • Rating System

This feature will help the patients to find trustworthy doctors. Users can rate the doctors after their treatment and leave a comment.

  • Notifications

This feature will help the user to remember their appointments and regular updates on your app.


Telehealth App Development Features for Physicians

Telehealth App Development
  • Physician profile

Doctors have to mention their specialization, experience, expertise, and more.

  • Calendar management

It gives an admin role to doctors in patients’ Calendars. The doctors can set the appointment according to their schedule.

  • Viewing Electronic health records

Through this feature, doctors can see the medical history of the patients.

  • Communication

Telehealth app development should have a two-sided communication between patient and doctor. Doctors can able to text their patients to inquire about their health conditions.

Technologies Behind Telehealth App Development Services

The following are the technologies involved in Telehealth Application Development:

  • Artificial intelligence

Chatbots are the most promising AI in telemedicine. Doctors cannot be available 24×7. So, a simple FAQ chatbot should be in the app. It only answers users’ questions regarding the doctor’s schedule.

  • Internet of Things

The Iot is another example of telehealth technology. In the case of an emergency, get an urgent notification. It has a feature to set a pill schedule without involving the patients.

  • Cloud storage

Cloud storage will help the patients and doctors store health reports. We have two options: cloud and on-premise.

  • Blockchain

Both doctors and patients can share data in a secure encrypted format. It helps to make a telemedicine app more secure.

  • Big Data

Health organizations generate and process a large amount of information. Big data enables these organizations to collect electronic health reports. With the help of the gathered information, the patients will get better care, do medical research, reduce healthcare costs, etc.

  • Deep learning

It helps to obtain a vast amount of medical data. It helps in the decision-making process regarding predictions about patients’ well-being.

Telehealth App Development cost and examples

Now that we have encountered the features and tools of telehealth app development. It’s time to find the telehealth app development cost.

The most basic telehealth app will cost you between $50,000 to $80,000. If you build a telemedicine app with full features, the cost can be around $1,50,000 to $2,50,000. The average time taken to develop a telehealth app can be between three to twelve months.

How Does Telehealth App Development Cost Estimate Take Place?

There are two ways to estimate the cost of telehealth app development:

  • Rough estimate:

It is calculated in the discovery phase. Its accuracy may vary from 25% to 75%.

  • Detailed estimate:

It has 100% accuracy. It is based on wireframes, project specifications, and other documentation.

Examples of Telehealth Applications:

  • Doctor on Demand:

It is a US-based telemedicine app. The app provides a wide range of healthcare professionals.

  • Teladoc: It is another US-based telemedicine app with annual revenue of $605,5 million.
  • MDiv: It connects medical and pediatric doctors, patients, and insurers in the US and globally.

Pitfalls of Telehealth App Development

Any application is bound by some pitfalls & perks. After getting the perks of Telehealth app development, now let’s analyze the drawbacks of the healthcare technology trends.

Telehealth App Development
  • Technological concerns for healthcare providers

Finding the right platform for healthcare providers can be challenging.

  • Security 

The leak of the patient’s data can be one of the major disadvantages of telemedicine apps.

  • Insurance coverage

It is provided for reimbursement in some states.

  • Internet connectivity

If there is a problem with internet connectivity, the telehealth app development will fail.

  • Video quality

The video quality should be higher. So that the doctor clearly sees the symptoms of the patients.

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  • Limitations for doctors

The telemedicine app can’t do anything when it comes to serious health.

  • Subscription 

The users have to pay regardless of whether they use the app or not.

  • Fees 

For each transaction, Telehealth apps charge a fee from the patient or provider.

  • Monetization strategies for Telehealth apps 

Any app won’t last long without funding. It’s time to go through the main revenue strategies for telemedicine software development.


Nowadays, Telehealth application developemnt is getting popular due to its features. We have mentioned all the features of the telehealth app solution in this article. Simultaneously, have discussed the disadvantages of telemedicine apps. We hope the above article will help you understand the telehealth app development and its features.


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