IT Outsourcing Benefits for Healthcare Industry -

IT Outsourcing Benefits for Healthcare Industry


Healthcare is one of the most prominent industries. One of the primary goals of healthcare institutions is diagnosis and treatment. Nowadays most of the healthcare organizations are outsourcing IT in healthcare in order to provide quality care, reduce operating cost, and improving the focus of people involved in healthcare. It was reported that the healthcare outsourcing market is expected to exceed more than USD $ 67.50 billion by 2024.

Outsourcing has been increasingly popular as when companies grow their needs starts to get specific and to satisfy those needs they start to outsource. Outsourcing refers to obtaining services from a third party. In the healthcare industry, outsourcing IT services has been an acceptable decision rather than to an in-house IT crew. As more and more healthcare systems are moving towards outsourcing Healthcare IT services to satisfy their requirements, it will be beneficial to have a good understanding of the benefits of outsourcing IT.

Benefits of Outsourcing IT Services in Healthcare Industry

#1. Saves Time

One of the foremost benefits of outsourcing healthcare IT services is that it can save the time it takes to implement new technology. You don’t need to hire software developers and also IT developers work for 9 to 5 schedule but with outsourcing IT you can get 24/7 services as IT service providers offer around-the-clock services. are pressured to stay on top of the latest developments in order to remain competitive with others.

It also makes management of IT feasible. For example, if your system fails on an unusual day like midnight on a holiday then you can have someone available to fix the breakdown.


#2. Access to Qualified IT Staff

For a small healthcare provider who is situated in rural geographic areas can’t always pit against the best talent in the IT field. It can sometimes become difficult for them to hire qualified IT staff. But healthcare IT providers can get rid of this constraint by outsourcing IT. They can make best use of talented staff regardless of geographic constraints and are able to get access to the quality service at a lower price.

#3. Better Utilization of Human Resources

Through outsourcing an organization can use human resources in a better way by allowing them to focus on issues that are more crucial to the company such as improving patient satisfaction. The more boring, repetitive aspects of IT can be outsourced, allowing a healthcare establishment to better optimize their use of talent they have successfully recruited.

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#4. Flexibility and Scalability

A further benefit of outsourcing IT is that it’s easy to extend IT resources at the time of peak period and lower down during depression time, as well as it is easy to counter sudden fluctuations. Some vendors offer the facility that the services they provide are paid only when used. You can scale down during low-peak seasons for your business, but the ability to scale up is always there. That’s how outsourcing IT can lead to flexibility and scalability.

#5. Compliance

Compliance is a major issue in healthcare. There are two major compliance-related pros to using a managed IT provider: more up-to-date knowledge of changing compliance landscape and the ability to conduct external audits without as much of a vested interest in the results.

However, there can be drawbacks related to compliance, too. If you outsource to someone outside of your region, they may not be familiar with the compliance regulations that need to be implemented. When the vendor is outside of your geographical boundaries, there can be potential complications with exporting data as well.


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#6. Saves Costs

Outsourcing healthcare IT can save cost in following ways:

  1. Outsourcing is economical than having an on-site IT staff.
  2. Reduces less financial resources than on-site equipment.
  3. Can help reduce costs that are passed on to patients.
  4. Saves time cost of top management.
  5. Cuts down the need to hire full-time IT employees.

#7. Trust factor

In today’s environment of cyber security danger, outsourcing IT functions could end up adverse. You cannot outsource services without a reliable IT vendor in the healthcare industry. It is still important to monitor the vendor. Therefore there is a strong requirement for someone to monitor the working of vendor.


8. #Morale of employees

If any healthcare system already has an existing IT department, there is a strong probability that the IT department staff may feel threatened by the involvement of any on-site IT employees. It will be beneficial that the management should disclose honestly what services are being outsourced and what is not.

#9. Unrealistic Assumptions

There is often a misunderstanding between what the healthcare system is expecting and what the outsourcing IT professional is actually providing. In fact, one of the major issues in healthcare IT is unrealistic assumptions by healthcare IT providers. This can result from an ambiguous and incomplete information regarding work that can lead to misinterpretations. That is why it’s essential that the targets and performance indicators are established clearly and early. Communication is the essence if you really want to successfully work with any IT vendor.


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