Bid Proposal Writing: How to Outruns Your Competition

How To Write Bid Proposal in Freelancer: A Step By Step Guide 2023

Bid Proposal

With thousands of freelancers competing for jobs and perhaps a hundred or more bidding on the same job, how do you make your bid proposal stand out from the rest? The fact is each employer is as different as each freelancer, so there really isn’t a “magic formula” that works for every bid.

There are some important steps you can take to increase the chances that a prospective employer will consider your bid seriously. Here, we will discuss “How to write a bid proposal for a freelancer?” Free members at the freelancer website get 6 bids per month. Basic members get 50 bids per month. Similarly, Plus members get 100 bids and Professional members get 300 bids per month. Thus, it becomes a crucial task to utilize each and every bid opportunity carefully.

The freelance industry is growing rapidly — almost one-third of the American workforce is freelance, contributing $1.2 trillion to the economy.

This is a 22% increase compared to 2019 and we can safely say that the global pandemic played a big role in accelerating this trend.

But, you should first know about the bid proposal concept.

What is a Bid Proposal?

A bid proposal is very specific summary of telling why you are eligible to get the job. It does more than initiate a friendly greeting to the buyer and express interest in the job. Your bid proposal allows you to state what your qualifications are and how your background would allow you to perform the specific job with excellence, accuracy, and on deadline.

Your qualifications and skills may include:

  • Skills for that job
  • Education
  • Past Projects
  • Experience
  • Results

How Does the Bidding Process Work?

Once you have shared a new proposal, the job site immediately notifies the project owner (buyer). The buyer has the choice to pick a writer based on qualifications, experience, price, and other individual factors.

Before you begin with a competitive bid proposal, contemplate that buyers will analyze your proposal based on criteria such as relevant skills, performance rating, and completion rate. You will look for the opportunity, and the buyer’s eyes will look for you!

Your Bid Proposal Letter must discuss the above skills and should be unique to grab the right traction of employers.

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How to Showcase Your Bid?

A successful bid proposal leverages the buyer to award the job to you. Although you have almost no control over whom the buyer picks, you have got complete control over how you going to write and then present your bid.

If you have got any respective branch certification or any recognition in the past, do not forget to mention that. Specialization always grabs the right eyes.

Now, we come to how to write a bid proposal in 2022? Therefore, here are 10 simple steps for writing an effective bid project proposal on Freelancer.

Here are 10 Simple Steps for Writing an Effective Bid Project Proposal on Freelancer

1. Read the Project Description Carefully

Read the project description carefully. After all, if the employer doesn’t feel you understand the project, you’re not likely to win the bidding. Besides, many employers will ask for specific details that you need to be aware of. In fact, employers often include a phrase that must be included in your bid in order to have it considered. The bottom line is, you should always take the time to go through the description thoroughly.

2. Use the Project Clarification Board

If you have questions, use the Project Clarification Board. Winning a project without knowing exactly what you’re getting into isn’t a good situation for you or the service buyer. How do you write project proposals on Upwork, oDeskwork and that get you hired? In this podcast, I cover the 5-step formula.

3. Keep Your Bid Clear

Keep your bid clear, concise and to the point.

Remember that the employer may have dozens or even hundreds of bids to consider. It’s very likely that every word of every bid isn’t going to be read. Bids with unnecessarily long descriptions may be skipped over completely. Don’t invite the employer to ignore your bid by making it too wordy.

4. State Your Terms Clearly

State your terms clearly. Using the project description as a guide, be as precise as possible in stating exactly what you’ll provide, how much it will cost, and how long it will take to deliver. Being vague about your terms implies a lack of confidence.

If you’re not confident in yourself, the employer won’t be, either. As we’ve already mentioned, use the Project Clarification Board to ask the employer questions if you need more details.

5. Respond Promptly

If the employer contacts you through a private message, be sure to respond promptly. Most employers award projects within the first 24 hours of posting, so ensure you keep yourself available for contact.

6. Provide Links to Online Examples

It’s always a good idea to upload samples with your private message or provide links to online examples. Be sure, however, that your examples are appropriate for the job and represent your best work. Quality, not quantity is usually the rule of thumb when submitting samples.

7. A Word of Caution

A word of caution: Unless you’re prepared to give your work away, any samples you provide should bear a watermark or other means of identification or at the very least your name and a statement of copyright.

8. Be Competitive with Your Pricing

Be competitive with your pricing. Note that this doesn’t necessarily mean you need to be the lowest bidder. Bidding in a worldwide marketplace makes for tough competition, but if your work is truly above average, you may find that employers are willing to pay above average prices. On the other hand, if you’re relatively new to freelancing, you may need to establish a reputation first. A little common sense will go a long way here.

9. Don’t Oversell Yourself

Don’t oversell yourself. A little self-confidence is a good thing, but over-the-top claims probably won’t impress anyone. Being frank and honest about your skills will get you much farther than a lot of hype.

10. Proofread Your Bid Before You Submit It

Last, but certainly not least, proofread your bid before you submit it. Is it written clearly? Are there misspellings? No matter what kind of project you’re bidding on, a poorly written proposal suggests a lack of interest and poor work habits. Neither of those is going to work in your favor.

What Do Buyers See in Bid Proposal at Freelancer?

It is necessary that you grab a place in the buyer’s perception. Ask yourself “Why would he or she hire you for their project? A business enthusiast will immediately look for these tell-tale signs in your bid proposal:

1) The buyer wants you to deliver his needs and his project immediately in the first sentence. He wants to know that you have got the experience to successfully deliver his project.

2) Next, the buyer is willing to know, what expertise you bring to his project?

3) Thirdly, the buyer is eager to know if you’ve past experience on similar projects and any positive outcomes from that you’ve achieved for other clients.

4) Finally, and important in most cases, what is your fee, and
how do you justify the amount you are bidding?

5) Nearly all buyers, who are interested in working with you, will check out your Profile page to evaluate:

  • The number of prior projects that you’ve worked on;
  • Positive and negative feedback left by other buyers;
  • Your project completion rate;
  • Your skill-set, and
  • Samples in your portfolio.

What to Avoid When Bidding on Freelancer?

You should refrain from doing any of the following practices to avoid incurring penalties.

  • Using generic proposals (bids with the exact same content) on multiple projects.
  • Bidding on and accepting projects you do not have the required expertise on.
  • Bidding with a very low amount and increasing the amount significantly once awarded.
  • Giving out or asking for contact information in your bid.

So i think these 10 effective tips helps you to write bid proposal in freelancer or Upwork. You can ask queries to our freelancing experts in case of your still face any kind of issue to creating a bid proposal in freelancer.

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It’s possible to be successful when you start your own business. Freelancers often succeed and generate a lot of income. You may want to consider that as proof. If you are going to be successful in your business, be sure to have a budget and track your earnings. This will help you know if this is profitable for you.

There has been some debate about the value of freelancers vs. employees. While it is true that anyone can work independently and create their own schedule, there are still perks to working for an employer with benefits, opportunities for training and advancement, and a company culture to support your work.

Bidding on auctions has been proven to increase the success of a bid and improve your chances of winning. Follow the tips on this guide to make your own high-quality, bid-worthy listings.


Q1. What are some tips for setting a competitive price for my freelance services?

Tips for setting a competitive price for your freelance services include researching industry standards, understanding the client’s budget and needs, and offering tiered pricing options.

Q2. How do I follow up after submitting a freelance bid proposal?

Following up after submitting a freelance bid proposal involves sending a polite and professional message to inquire about the status of the proposal, and if the client rejects your proposal, it’s important to ask for feedback and consider how you can improve for future proposals.

Q3. What are some strategies for continuously improving my freelance bid proposal?

Strategies for improving your freelance bid proposal and winning more contracts include practicing your writing, analyzing successful proposals from other freelancers, seeking feedback from clients and colleagues, and continually refining your understanding of the client’s needs and goals.

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