7 Healthcare Marketing Trends of 2022

7 Healthcare Marketing Trends of 2022

It is very important to keep up to date on the top developments in Healthcare Marketing Trends that are working to expand healthcare organizations in the medical space. 

It can be difficult to understand growth in healthcare marketing trends actually make the most difference in growth and it can be frustrating because it is out of date by the time you adopt one. 

Here are some healthcare marketing trends for healthcare providers which we need to focus on that we believe are here to stay for the next several years are given below.

7 Most Important Healthcare Marketing Trends for 2022

1 Make It Easy to Connect

Nothing is more irritating when you’re worried about your health or the health of a family member than being put on hold and bounced around from one receptionist to another. When your team has decided how it will handle the overflow of calls and appointments, educate patients in a quick-to-understand way about contact procedures. Data is critical in a time when even regular visits are carried out very differently from how they were pre-COVID.

2 Patient experience

The advanced features such as online appointment scheduling, online bill pay, medical records that are readily available, and laboratory reports would improve your patient experience automatically.

To alert your patients about the latest features, upgrade your software with the advanced features, email or text, have a mobile app experience to attract your patients

3 Invest in SEO

During the pandemic, the appetite for organic searches and related content by consumers has not gone away; it has just changed. Many corporations’ immediate reaction was to avoid marketing and SEO promotions. Yet we’re going to need to keep adjusting to the new standard in 2021. On Google, consumers begin their healthcare research, look up symptoms, find appointments and study reviews of various healthcare providers. This is the reason why healthcare providers are investing in the best digital marketing agency and SEO Company.

4 Telehealth will not be a temporary solution

Telehealth was a viable alternative to traditional care and the only option for those suffering from the pandemic. However, it has since slowed down. It will still be an excellent choice for specialty and behavioral care. According McKinsey telehealth is used 38x more than in pre-pandemic times. This new model is expected to become the norm in customer service, as it provides convenience, privacy, efficiency, and access.

5 Marketers will embrace integrated marketing campaigns

Traditional advertising was the dominant marketing medium a few decades ago. There were few viable media options aside from television, radio, print (e.g. newspapers and magazines), and outdoor.

Consumer behavior has evolved dramatically since then. The internet has given consumers the ability to access unlimited content and purchase goods online, even for those who are already stressed. It’s not surprising that digital marketing has taken over traditional advertising.

They are not alone. It is not difficult to reach potential customers in today’s modern world because audiences are so fragmented.

Let’s take me as an example. While I was at work, I watched my alma matter’s season finale in the second window of my computer screen. Later, I recorded the second half via Hulu streaming so that I could watch it on my TV the next evening.

Let’s say you want to reach tech-savvy, educated consumers like me. You should consider a mix of digital strategies, such as paid search, paid social, SEO and programmatic advertising. This includes geofencing and connected TV (CTV).

However, traditional advertising isn’t dead. The same day, I also saw billboards while driving and listened on the radio. I also read one of my wives magazines and was sent a direct mail promotional offer.

Importantly, I’m not the only one who is a “sample size one”. Our tracking shows better results every time we place multiple layers of digital and traditional media for our clients’ marketing campaigns.

Although direct attribution can be difficult, we see significant increases in website traffic and search activity after running broadcast ads. Digitally, we see similar results – inquiries from search and direct traffic go up when we run programmatic, paid social, and retargeting campaigns.

We often work with integrated campaigns to help brands build a profit. We might set a 5 to 1 ROI goal for digital strategies, but a 2:1 goal for broadcast TV campaigns. Why? Because creative is often a powerful tool to generate leads and build a brand for free.

6 The social media advertising landscape is set to continue to evolve

Facebook, despite being the dominant player in years past, has been subject to a lot of criticism. The #StopHateforProfit campaign generated an advertiser boycott against Facebook because of the “repeated failure” to address hate’s massive proliferation on Facebook’s platforms. Frances Haugen also revealed some of Instagram’s unethical business practices.

As a result, large retail brands and other companies, including some of our clients in healthcare, have pulled their Facebook/Instagram ads. Ad Age reports that other ” Facebook Advertisers have no choice but to stick with the Platform.”

Marketers are becoming more open to new social media platforms as they develop and flourish. Tik Tok has seen a remarkable growth with more than 130 millions active users in the US. It boasts more GenZ Youth users per week than Instagram (currently between 12-17 years old).

YouTube has over 126 millions unique monthly viewers and is the most popular US online video property. YouTube is accessible to all users, which is unlike other platforms.

Other platforms like Twitter, LinkedIn and Snapchat all have millions of users.

Healthcare industry, which includes pharmaceutical and device manufacturers, hospitals, doctors, and health systems, will continue to explore ways to use social media to benefit patients, the general population, and their professional colleagues.

7 Healthcare customers will look to integrated healthcare systems

Why are today’s healthcare customers looking for integrated systems? Convenience is the key word. They want to be able to access the services they require, whenever and wherever they are needed. Consumers will be more inclined to look to integrated healthcare systems, where they can access retail, primary care and hospitals. Traditional hospital systems and large groups will also feel the pressure to expand their services.

Here are our tips for 2022 to rank highly:

  • Link building would not only improve your credibility but also your rankings on search engines by linking to quality websites.
  • App optimization is more important than ever to stay linked with patients on the go and if you have not optimized your mobile platform, you are losing out on a major source of users.
  • Blogs-It will improve your rankings and exposure in the healthcare industry by producing engaging and meaningful content and blog posts.
  • Local SEO is becoming increasingly popular with search patterns in trustworthy healthcare providers near me. In these searches, optimizing your content and being visible on sites such as Google My Company is perfect for ranking highly.

Telehealth in 2022 remains at the top.

These days, healthcare organizations are going through a lot of crises. The COVID-19 problem just exacerbates the condition of the incumbent. Telemedicine app development is one major thing that will radically change the way medical organizations survive in 2020 and healthcare marketing trends in 2022 as well. Telemedicine service providers give better access to medical services, improved outcomes in treatment, cost-effective delivery, distribution of healthcare providers in many fields, and more.

Reinforcing the online brand of your hospital

There are various ways of describing what a brand is and what it is not. All meanings essentially come down to this: the brand includes all the aspects that separate you from the crowd. What makes your hospital special? 

The more you learn to recognize your strengths and draw on them, the stronger the brand will be. Your website, again, comes in handy. Many healthcare companies are struggling to put their resources into the digital space and beyond the hospital walls.

Mobile Responsive Websites

Today, using mobile devices for regular internet access is more popular for individuals. As such, it is extremely important to optimize websites for mobile responsiveness.

It’s 2020, and you still won’t get any organic traffic if your healthcare website isn’t mobile responsive by now. Mobile devices have increasingly become the most commonly used way to browse and shop online.

Although the bounce rate, converting your website to a mobile-friendly design will improve conversion rates and average time spent on the page. 

With one basic fact in mind, the vast majority of healthcare professionals have hired web application development company to build mobile responsive websites because with more than half of the online traffic coming from a mobile device. And every healthcare marketer out there should make sure that a mobile-first approach is planned and implemented for their business website and healthcare marketing strategy.

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 Advanced Analytics and AI

Over the review era, artificial intelligence and advanced analytics would drive progress in Healthcare Marketing Trends. Using artificial intelligence and advanced analytics is nothing new, but it might be a pleasant change for a lot of Wearable App Development Company trying to make a splash. Using the easiest tools, such as the Google Search Console, is a great start to understanding customer behaviour in the healthcare industry.

 Artificial intelligence and advanced analytics can help marketing campaigns in health care get in front of the right people, with the right product at the right time. 

Artificial intelligence has revolutionized the world of healthcare by developing recovery plans, assisting with routine activities, medication management, and drug discovery.

Good communication is critical.

Patients need information in an atmosphere where even regular appointments now appear vastly different, from how they are arranged and how they are carried out. While authoritative, constructive communication has always been a hallmark of powerful brands in healthcare, unlike ever before, there are realistic and safety concerns today. 

Patients want to understand how to look for care and how secure it is to do so. In particular, when it comes to COVID-19, people want facts; they want prevention, symptoms, testing, and treatment information. To establish confidence and nurture patient relationships, the ability of healthcare marketers to break through the noise and fulfil this demand will be critical.


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