How to Choose the Mobile App Development Platform

How to Choose the Mobile App Development Platform

Mobile App Development

It is simple to decide to develop a mobile application, but it is extremely important to choose the correct mobile technology platform for your project. You can go with modern cross-platform technology or a responsive web app or with native iOS or Android. Here are some Factors of How to Choose the Best Mobile App Development Platform?

While this is a difficult decision, it is not an impossible one. There are benefits and disadvantages to each technology, and a good consultant will help you to consider the trade offs in order to make the best choice for your project.

Here are few tips which help you to select right mobile app development platform:

1.   Target audience

You have to begin by doing some research about your target audience before you invest anything in your project growth. This will allow you to build a client profile along with a clear understanding of what devices they like and use.

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As platforms differ considerably by area, you will have to pay careful attention to the geographic requirements. If your target audience is located in Europe for example, then you will have to remember that most Europeans prefer Android devices to iPhones (while Americans use both).

2.   Think about the application business model

Determine the application’s clear intent; consider its monetization options, and the relationship between the application and users.

For instance, you know that business people are more likely to use iOS, so you need to pay attention to this platform first if you want to create an application for business.

3.   Technical Features and Development Ease

The technological characteristics you want to include in your app are another significant thing to think about. The App can be a simple one for basic users or a more sophisticated one that offers impressive graphics or other complicated equipment. For the effort to build a certain application, the ease of creation provided by each platform is crucial. There is a lot of fragmentation of distinct phones and multiple variants of the Android operating system for Android users. So if a lot of hardware interaction is needed for your app, it is recommended first to go for the Android version.

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4.   Cost

There are a lot of hidden costs involved in the overall mobile app growth. And the same happens with the mobile app platform, where vendor-to-vendor growth activities, updates, and device maintenance differ greatly. Total cost analysis will however, give business owners a cool estimate for the entire project construction and timetable.

5.   Devices that you have to support

Android supported devices count 160 items. Apple has a different strategy, while Android aims to increase this count. Their new iOS 9 supports 15 devices, including iPads, iPhones, and iPods in different models. Comparing these two key business owners, it’s evident that adapting an app for each gadget can be a challenge. Currently, Windows Phone 8.1 works on 100 devices, while only 10 support Blackberry. You should take into account that their fortune is out on a limb, talking about the last two operating systems. Some of the most common apps refuse to help them, such as WhatsApp. You will have to adapt it to all those devices together to create a cross-platform application.

6.   Third-Party Integration Check

The most significant facilities for mobile application development services include third-party integration. Platforms should make it easier to integrate confidentially with third-party software. With Android, for example, if you are struggling with image loading and highlighting problems, you can use third-party libraries. The current back-end processes and distribution systems should be expanded through this integration. This helps mobile apps developers to create apps that enable the management of mobile applications. There are several libraries available for integration, just as for the IOS development. You may opt to recruit dedicated iOS developers for further assistance with third-party integrations.

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7.   Integrated Development Environment (IDEs):

Consider the options available for app development when evaluating the resources for mobile application development. Discuss the kind of app that your developers plan to build and the available resources for development at hand. Try to estimate the criteria for potential apps, bearing in mind that they are complex and likely to change.

When it comes to the development features that they include the app development platforms often differ. Some platforms provide modern integrated development environments (IDEs) that can be installed on their machines by developers, while others provide web-based software or plugins that can be linked to IDEs from third parties. A mixture of all choices is also offered by many.

Last words…

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