8 Most Common Web Design Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

A business makes its website, takes the pictures, modifies the content, purchases domain and server space but still it doesn’t get the customer response as per expectations. Why? Because this business is actually making some common mistakes in web designing that have made all its efforts go in vain. Let’s dive deeper to understand what these 8 Most common mistakes in web design and how to avoid it-

Mistake# 1: Slow Loading Website

slow-loading-website In this fast paced era, no one has patience to wait on a slow loading website. Studies show that Most of the customers don’t wait for more than 3-5 seconds for a website to load. There may be any of the following reasons behind your slow loading website-
  1. Your server is not up to date
  2. The images on your website are not optimized
  3. Your website is not responsive web designed
You can easily fix this issue after identifying the factors causing it. Read Also: Ways To Crank Up Speed In Software Development

Mistake# 2: Poor Navigation

poor-navigastion Navigation is the most important factor to affect the usability of your site. If the items on your site are not arranged in order then the user will not understand how to access the information he or she needs. Too many items in your navigation may irritate the visitor and make him abandon your site in no time. To avoid this issue, keep your layout simple, well organized and easy to navigate.

Mistake# 3  Incomplete Information of Products and Services

incomplete-information-products-services Your visitors visit your website looking for specific products and services they need. You must explain your services with all the crucial details in straight, simple words. It must include the availability, method of delivery, cost and prices and adequate descriptions. This is going to increase the conversion rate on your website.

Mistake# 4: Inadequate response to customer’s devices

inadequate-response-customer Your visitors access your website from different devices like laptops, mobiles, tablets and iPhone etc. If your website is not responsive web designed then it will not fit according to the screen size of the user’s device. Your website may appear good to a desktop user but may not be working for a mobile device user. This problem creates a huge difference on the usability of your website and can cause you a huge loss. Make sure that your website is responsive web designed and saves the time and efforts of your visitors. Read Also: How Much Does It Cost To Development A Website?

Mistake# 5: Outdated Contact information

outdated-contact-information If you change your Contact number, Email address, Office address, Fax number and Postal address, don’t forget to let your visitors know about it by updating the information on your website. Your customers will lose their trust if they call on the contact number and find out that it’s not available or it’s a different business number or the email address is not valid. So keep your contact information updated on your site to avoid the hindrance.

Mistake# 6: Irrelevant Images

irrelevant-images Images or Photos are a great medium to convey your thoughts to the visitor without having to read the text. Copied images, poor quality images or irrelevant images can destroy the view and beauty of your website and the user experience as well.  Irrelevant images will confuse your customers and turn off their interest from your website.

 Mistake# 7: Missing your Target audience

missing-your-target-audience Every business presents its website in a different tone of content. In simple words, an educational website will have a sincere tone while a social site will have a funny or bubbly tone depending on the type of its’ target audience. Don’t use a mixed tone to please different kinds of audience at the same time. Consider the products and services you provide and determine the correct audience type, then cater your website accordingly. Read Also: How To Write Bid Proposal In Freelancer

Mistake# 8: Misplacing the ads

misplacing-the-ads If your website hosts totally irrelevant advertisements or relevant but misplaced ads, it is going to annoy your visitors. Before showing ads on your website, consider its impact on your visitors otherwise your visitors may even report the irrelevance of the ads on your website. These issues are easy to resolve, all you need to do is to identify them. Keep analyzing your website during designing and post- launching. If your website conveys your thoughts clearly to your viewers, you will be doing great undoubtedly, just keep your visitors in mind always. Looking for Web Development Company in USA and India? Get in touch with our team. Get a Quote


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