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Better Mynd is an on-campus service meant for students. It allows them to get a wide angle on mental health consulting resources. Location does not matter, but the consultation we provide matters. With the growing competition at each stage and rising expectations, Better Mynd acts as the online therapy for college students. The learners who want to know more about our product then go through the information given below.

Our Team Size and Deadline

better mynd health app


10 Members

BA (2) | Project manager (1) Designers (1) | Developers (3) | Content writer (2) QA (1)

better mynd health app


5 Months

of hard work

better mynd health app



Industry: Healthcare

better mynd health app


Ask Price

Project Completion

Our Process

  • 1


    Market Understanding localization

  • 2


    User Flow Designing

  • 3


    Mobile Application & Website

  • 4


    Ensuring the product quality. Website Publishing

  • 5


    Play Store Publishing Website Publishing

  • 6

    Support and Maintenance

    Attain the enhanced & steady performance of the system.

What Are The Difficulties We Faced During Better Mynd App Development?

  • During the development of Better Mynd Mental Health App, everyone is concerned about the concept and construction. Which category will it target? Students, children, adults, etc. There were thousands of apps available on the play store and app store targeting adults, students, etc. Hence, the app we are producing should stand unique to grab the target audience.
  • Again in the era of automation, the point is to provide an instant solution to some minor query. Thus, our team of professionals picked AI-ML to render this facility. Now comes the execution part of AI-ML on the app, which is also an expert task.
  • Somehow with the help of our skilled developers, we did it. Now the app is facing compatibility issues, and the app is flooded with bugs and errors. We took our time and managed to fix those bugs and issues. In this way, many in and out were placed on building and rendering this mental health app.

Solutions We Implemented In Better Mynd App Development

  • An expert panel always remains eager to find the best cure to any problem. Thus, we incorporated an AI-based mechanism to automate some tasks and deliver solutions instantly. Moreover, for better consultations, we recommended top-notch consultants from around the globe.
  • Students can now quickly jot down their issues and get a consultation from the best-in-class mental health providers. Simultaneously, we placed a reminder slot to make them take their medicines, any other supplement (if suggested) on time.
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Technology Stack

  • better mynd health appPHP
  • better mynd health appMySQL
  • better mynd health appZoom API
  • better mynd health appWEBRTC

What Functionality Better Mynd Mental Health App Covers ?

Our suite contains some great features that motivate a student to approach for their mental stability. Our apps have some finest counselors on the app itself that guides students throughout their journey. So read out the below-given pointers

College Partnerships

Secure Payments

Counselors Management

24 Hour Scheduling

Excellent Connectivity on Video Calls

Easy Student Management

Best Counseling


Better Resource Management

Genuine Results

Why Choose Us

Here is something of your concern for the business, so you are in a dilemma choosing the company for insurance app development. The below-given information defines why any user chooses us for having a great healthcare insurance app in your system

better mynd health app

18+ Years of Long Experience

better mynd health app

Dedicated Team of Developers

better mynd health app

Process Automation via Mobile Apps

better mynd health app

Simple Conversation

better mynd health app

Fast Feedback From Clients


Helps Your Acquire New Business


Bridge Between Company & Client


Eliminates Manual Tasking

Take Your Business To Another Level of Success!

Out-stand from Competitors with Better Mynd

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