BCapture Healthcare Insurance App

BCapture Healthcare Insurance App

BCapture Healthcare Insurance App allows doctors, billing administrators to conduct error-free billing for insurance claims. The bill so generated is considered a Superbill. It is an inventory form and expresses the services provided to the patient. The primary utilization of bills happens to be in the United States. The health insurance app allows any decision-maker or physician to get an in-depth understanding of the services, hospital visits, etc., done by the patient.

What Our BCapture Healthcare Insurance App Has For You?

Our team of professionals keeps track of the latest technologies and languages that help build such a healthcare insurance app. According to a recent survey, people spent 90% time using mobile apps. Hence, we make sure that the app we build satisfies the purpose and UI of the app for a better experience. Moreover, our team of professionals utilizes the time bringing up uniqueness in the app development, i.e.,


Development with high-profile technology


Xamarian App for Android & iOS


Data secured with MS SQL


Use of high-class designing tools

What Are The Features of BCapture Insurance Billing Software?

Any app development that our team does comprises some fantastic features. These attributes help any business grow as fast as it can. Moreover, the developers put in their skills and talent to deliver the finest solutions to businesses. The features include:

Easy login on the app

Complete control over resetting passwords

Dashboard with summary of active patients

Quick alerts

Projected superbills for each location

Uploading of face sheet to each patient record

Lists of all superbills generated so far

Accessibility to the user account for staff

Mobile app account for doctors

Exporting of bills in desired formats

Our Excellence In BCapture Healthcare Insurance App Development

The section covers our expertise in integrating or developing an insurance app for you. Our BCapture Application gives the user the freedom to get the best insurance services in just a few taps.

  • Extensive Experience
  • Magnificent Team of Developers
  • Understanding & Hold of Technologies
  • Putting In All The Insurance Aspect
  • Easy to Redeem Claims
  • Full Details of Your Healthcare Insurance
  • Policy Expiration Alerts
  • Online Consultations
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Why Choose Us

Here is something of your concern for the business, so you are in a dilemma choosing the company for insurance app development. The below-given information defines why any user chooses us for having a great healthcare insurance app in your system:


15+ Years of Long Experience


Dedicated Team of Developers


Process Automation via Mobile Apps


Simple Conversation


Fast Feedback From Clients


Helps Your Acquire New Business


Bridge Between Company & Client


Eliminates Manual Tasking

There are a few benefits available for your customer when asking us for insurance app development. These benefits can be getting high-class consultation to the best insurance plans. Read out the points below to get more info:

  • Flawless App Functioning
  • Each Section is User-Intended
  • Availability of Insurance Anytime
  • Accessing Best Plans in Seconds
  • Notification for Policy Renewals,
  • Policy Top-Up Plans & Discounting
  • Easy Reimbursement of Claims

Now, what are the benefits for the user who takes our services? There are several benefits, are a few benefits as is said earlier. Below is the description of such advantages for the users. Go through every information carefully:

  • Automation At Its Best From Mobile
  • Higher Business Visibility
  • Easy Conversations on Healthcare Plans
  • Chatbots Facility for Handling Clients
  • Genuine Ratings & Reviews from Clients
  • Personalized Dashboard
  • Customization (if needed)
  • Any hospital premises offering such apps for insurance settlements can get some exciting benefits. These benefits include shifting of staff to essential tasks, flawless workflows, etc. Now, get a glimpse of advantages available for hospitals:

    • Smooth Work-Culture
    • Easy Billing & Superbill Facility
    • Chatbots for Offering Healthcare Plans
    • Easy Management
    • Updates on Policy Renewals
    • Track of Policy Re-Imbursements
    • Best Claims Services
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    We ensure to provide the best and unique service to our clients, fulfilling their requirements. We don’t say it, but our clients speak on behalf of us.

    Development Process DS4U Follows For BCapture Healthcare Insurance App

    • Requirement Analysis

    • UX/UI Designing

    • Development

    • Quality Analysis

    • Deployment and Delivery

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