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BCapture Healthcare Insurance App

BCapture Healthcare Insurance App allows doctors, billing administrators to conduct error-free billing for insurance claims. The bill so generated is considered a Superbill. It is an inventory form and expresses the services provided to the patient. The primary utilization of bills happens to be in the United States. The health insurance app allows any decision-maker or physician to get an in-depth understanding of the services, hospital visits, etc., done by the patient.

Our Team Size and Deadline



10 Members

BA (2) | Project manager (1) Designers (1) | Developers (3) | Content writer (2) QA (1)



5 Months

of hard work




Industry: Healthcare

Our Process

  • 1


    Market Understanding localization

  • 2


    User Flow Designing

  • 3


    Mobile Application & Website

  • 4


    Ensuring the product quality. Website Publishing

  • 5


    Play Store Publishing Website Publishing

  • 6

    Support and Maintenance

    Attain the enhanced & steady performance of the system.

What Are The Challenges Faced During Bcapture App Development?

  • In the construction of any app, the team faces many problems or hurdles. These are the challenges faced by a company in building that app. The same happened when we started creating Bcapture Healthcare Insurance App.
  • The app is meant for settling insurance claims, automated billing, reimbursements, etc. To serve the purpose, we need to build a constructive UI, the best functionality, and easy to login interface. The mobile app was built on Xamarian Form 4.6 (iOS/Android) version. It gives good functionality but we were lacking in compatibility parameters.
  • Admin Panel was not much responsive, there were thousands of bugs and errors making it a delayed-release. But with a professional team and expert panel to guide, one can take a deeper dive into the ocean and that’s what our developer did.
  • We faced every challenge with full consent and authenticity that resulted in the successful release of the app on time. At the time of release, Bcapture holds all the important features and functionality that deals with healthcare insurance solutions.

What Plans & Solutions We Implemented?

  • In the making of the Bcapture healthcare insurance app, we took thousands of suggestions from experts, professional developers. Our team projected a strategy to divide the errors and work on them. Then, we collectively resolved all the issues with our best knowledge.
  • Similarly, we utilized the best framework & platform to build the insurance app. It ultimately gives a flawless and sustainable app interface and smooth functionality. Moreover, we have given a slight of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to automate the process for the staff. Manual billing, claim reimbursements, patient information, etc. are automatically managed. In this way, our Bcapture insurance app for the healthcare sector has been deployed.
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Technology Stack

  • asp.net-update.NET Core
  • angularAngular
  • XamarinXamarin
  • my-sql-updatedMYSQL

What Are The Features of BCapture Insurance Billing Software?

Any app development that our team does comprises some fantastic features. These attributes help any business grow as fast as it can. Moreover, the developers put in their skills and talent to deliver the finest solutions to businesses. The features include


Easy login on the app


Complete control over resetting passwords


Dashboard with summary of active patients


Quick alerts


Projected superbills for each location


Uploading of face sheet to each patient record


Lists of all superbills generated so far


Accessibility to the user account for staff


Mobile app account for doctors


Exporting of bills in desired formats


Why Choose Us

Here is something of your concern for the business, so you are in a dilemma choosing the company for medical app development.The below-given information defines why any user chooses us for having a great medical app development in your system


19+ Years of Long Experience


Dedicated Team of Developers


Process Automation via Mobile Apps


Simple Conversation


Fast Feedback From Clients


Helps Your Acquire New Business


Bridge Between Company & Client


Eliminates Manual Tasking


Take Your Business To Another Level of Success!

Convert your app idea into a profitable business.

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