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Medical Billing Solution (MBSoft)

MBSoft delivers a web-based medical billing software that gives sound billing solutions and business workflows. The platform ensures speed, accuracy, timely payments, AR management, and intelligent revenue management. Moreover, It delivers the best medical billing suite that offers highly scalable workflows.

What Do We Offer In Medical Billing Solution?

Our platform MBSoft has been a great source of Healthcare IT Solutions especially, in the medical stream, where billing and payment are the two most complex segments. Our medical billing services lead you to seamless billing and payment standards. Being in this segment for a very long time, we have incorporated some excellent facilities in the medical billing system:




Advance Billing


Seamless User Experience


Quick Payment Posting & Reconciliation

What Characteristics Our Medical Billing Solutions & Services Have?

MBSoft offers the following web-based functionalities in their medical billing suite. These characteristics establish a sustainable background for billing and managing the healthcare premises.

Combining the Fragmented Workflow

Avoiding Paper-Based Billing

High Interoperabilitys

Settled Payment

Error-Free Billing

Scalable Billing Management

Easy Understandability of Software

Claim Management

Avoiding Incorrect Claims

Eligibility Verification

What Expertise Do We Put In Our Medical Billing Software?

Any decision-maker, doctor, or physician looking for a top-notch medical billing service, then here is something you have got. Our medical billing system not only provides ease in billing but works in the following steps to give consistent efficiency. Here are the crucial steps:

  • Medical Appointment & EHR
  • Clinical Data Repository
  • Patient Pre-Authorization
  • Benefit Verification
  • Superbill Submissions
  • Payment Posting
  • Denial Management
  • RCM Reporting

Why Choose Us for Your Long-Term Business Growth?

The selection of the right development company for your business growth is what any intelligent entrepreneur will do. But, first, you just have to make sure, what makes your selected company different from others? So, here is the answer:


Comprehensive Patient Care


Avoid Fraud in Billing System


Accelerated Cash Flows


Safeguards Billing Details


Streamlined Work Process


Economies of Scale


Easy User Interface


Around the Globe Accessibility

Our software offers multi-specialty billing for several healthcare providers. Simultaneously, the tool can be helpful in posting, tagging, or logging the payments into the physician’s clinic or hospital management system.

  • The facility of Medical billings
  • Medicaid billing
  • Medicare billing
  • Mental Health Billing
  • Notifying False Billing or Duplicate case.
  • Proper Accounting,
  • Keeping Financial Statement in place.

Revenue optimization and its management happen by keeping the documentation work accurate in a billing system. However, proper document management offers revenue optimization. There are many other features like

  • Automated Charge Capture
  • Timely Payment Posting
  • Rotating Credit Balances in AR
  • Perfect AR Management
  • Avoiding Payment Duplication.
  • Smooth Generation of Receipts
  • Revenue Recognition

Medical Billing Tool by MBSoft is the most crucial part when it comes to any billing system. Claims are the payment made from the insurance taken by the patient or client from any insurance company. A few of the benefits are as follows:

  • Claims management by Medical Billing and Coding
  • Filing of claims
  • Updating & Processing Medical Claims, and others.
  • Investigation before Ascertaining Any Claim.
  • Realization of Claims in Patient’s Account
  • Upgradation in Claim Policies
  • Top-Up Plans (Health Insurance)
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Development Process DreamSoft4u Follows For Medical Billing Solution

  • Requirement Analysis

  • UX/UI Designing

  • Development

  • Quality Analysis

  • Deployment and Delivery

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