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From mobile apps, web applications, EDI transactions, and white-label telemedicine solutions, DS4U has the solution for all your healthcare software needs. DS4U offers the best-in-class software development and consultancy for your business. With our solutions, you can outpace the competition, maximize revenue, and provide the best possible care for your patients. Stay ahead of the curve with the latest developments in healthcare technology with DS4U. Get started today!
  • Best-in-class software development consultancy
  • Top-notch healthcare app development solutions
  • High-end interoperability & seamless user experience.
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Our solutions are customizable and scalable to help you grow at pace. We also offer a variet of features and functionality that can help you improve efficiency and optimize operations. Our team of experts is available to provide support and guidance whenever needed!

White Labeled Telemedicine

Deliver Care- Anytime, Anywhere

Looking for a telemedicine solution that is completely tailored to your needs? Look no further than VCDoctors’ White Labeled Telemedicine App. We can provide a wholly branded solution with your logo and colors designed to meet your specific needs. Our telemedicine platform is 100% HIPAA compliant, is easy to use, and is perfect for doctors, clinics, hospitals, and startups.
  • Video conferencing
  • Secure Messaging
  • Patient Dashboard
  • Calendar
  • EHR
  • E-prescriptions

EDI Development and Transactions.

The right solution for your healthcare EDI needs.

Our Healthcare EDI Development and Transactions services can help you improve your healthcare operations and increase efficiency. We can develop and manage your EDI transactions and help you connect with trading partners to improve communication and collaboration. With our help, you can improve your bottom line and achieve your business goals.
  • Hacker-proof user identification
  • HIPAA Compliant
  • Emergency access
  • Automatic sign-off
  • Security alerts
  • Data restoration procedures

Healthcare Data Exchange & Interoperability

Smarter Data, Better Healthcare

Improve the quality of care you provide by seamlessly automating data exchange processes between organizations and systems. This exchange can include anything from patient demographics to lab results to medication history. With our cutting-edge solutions, you can complete a view of a patient’s health, improve care coordination, reduce costs, and take your healthcare service to the next level.
  • Securely store and share data.
  • Data accuracy and integrity
  • Encryption and authentication.
  • Track status
  • Generate reports

Mobile App Development

Mobile healthcare for a mobile world

Design, develop, and deploy mobile apps that help healthcare providers connect with their patients, provide better care, and achieve accelerated growth. Our team of experienced developers will design and build an app that is tailored to your unique requirements. We develop healthcare apps for iOS, Android, and Windows.
  • Secure patient data access
  • Secure login and authentication
  • Customizable dashboards and reports
  • Patient appointment scheduling
  • Prescription tracking
  • Lab results tracking
  • And much more

Healthcare Software Development

Makes healthcare easier for everyone

If you’re looking for a comprehensive healthcare software solution, look no further. Our healthcare software development solutions are designed to help you streamline your operations and improve your bottom line. We have a proven track record, and we’re dedicated to providing the best possible service. We can build a custom solution as per needs.
  • Patient Registration
  • Patient scheduling
  • Patient tracking/billing
  • Physician scheduling
  • Lab orders
  • Medication orders
  • EHR
  • Telehealth/Telemedicine

Web Application Development

Bring the power of digital to healthcare.

Our team of experienced healthcare web application developers helps you create a web application that efficiently manages your business operations and patient care. We also offer support and maintenance services so that your web application is always up-to-date and compliant with the latest healthcare regulations. Our services include:
  • Web design and development
  • Web-based healthcare systems
  • Healthcare E-commerce
  • Custom software development
  • Website and software optimization
  • Website and software security

Digital Marketing

Reach Healthcare Consumers Online

Our effective online marketing strategy is the perfect solution for busy healthcare professionals, clinics, hospitals, and startups. We’ll help you attract new patients, connect with your community, and grow your business. Build a strong online presence with the latest digital marketing trends. Get a customized digital marketing plan that fits your unique needs and budget.
  • SEO and online visibility
  • Social media marketing
  • Email marketing
  • Content marketing
  • Paid search marketing
  • Online reputation management

A Glance at

Our Four “D” Software Development Cycle

We follow a four “D” procedure to develop any application or software. It makes our development phase more scalable and sustainable for the clients. So, let us showcase our expertise in the development:
One-O-One discussion is all we need without clients to understand their business imagination. We want to hear from you and suggest the best to implement within your business imagination.
Now, we start bringing your imagination into the live world. We deploy our skilled professionals to develop some appealing & compelling business for you.
Another crucial phase is the construction of the system. We develop some highly functional and feature-rich software that helps scale the business to its fullest. Our professionals also maintain development transparency with you.
After successfully testing the software, our professional, under the guidance of project leads, deploys the apps on the respective platform or renders the software. You will get the most authentic and highly functional software for your business.
Our Distinctive Offshore Software Development

Case Studies

Delivering industry-specific software solutions for years, we are a globally acknowledged IT consulting services company that gives heart and soul to offer clients the best software development services. Have a look at our product portfolio and outsource your web and mobile app development projects to us.

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Frequently Asked Questions

You can expect transparent working, systematic development, and expertise in writing code from a developer.
We follow HIPAA protocol while building applications for the healthcare sector. Everything remains safe and secure.
Confidentiality is a high priority to us. We are ready to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement to safeguard your idea and existing intellectual property.
We provide our clients with a development update every 1-2 weeks. You will get an insight to see the progress and get to test features before the system gets entirely developed.
This varies depending on the size and complexity of the project. You can, however, get a free quote. Simply follow this link, share your requirements, and one of our experts will get in touch with you.
Yes, all you have to do is simply install and configure. There is no need to buy any equipment or hardware. You can run it on a web browser or download the app version. And, in case you need some customization, we can do that as well.
Yes, all you have to do is simply install and configure. There is no need to buy any equipment or hardware. You can run it on a web browser or download the app version. And, in case you need some customization, we can do that as well.
We ensure that all our software solutions are easy to use. However, if our clients request so, we arrange virtual training sessions where our experts walk you through the features and functionalities of the software.
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