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What is Telemedicine & Its Benefits

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Speaking of, Telemedicine is the new standard these days. It is a platform to overcome the issues of distance healthcare. In a general sense, it is an online medical care tool meant for both patients & doctors. It allows any healthcare provider to deliver the best healthcare services possible via video calls or particular software.

The healthcare sector is progressing at a full pace. The sector is anticipated to grow around $11 908.9 Billion by 2022 with a growth rate (CAGR) of 8.9%. With the healthcare sector rising and shining at a full pace, the growth of healthcare technologies is also on the go. 

What is Telemedicine?

Telemedicine is a unit of healthcare where patients and doctors are not connected physically but virtually. It is a platform that allows physicians to examine, diagnose, and provide treatment plans through telecommunication technology. 

Telemedicine is revolutionizing the healthcare parameters as it has become the most acceptable phenomenon. With the growth of technology, safety also becomes a priority. Hence, the technology is backed up with HIPAA Compliance. 

Another most important term associated with Telemedicine is Telehealth. It holds a broader sense that covers almost all the techniques associated with healthcare. Therefore, let us take a look over the term. 

What is Telehealth?

Telehealth is a way of distributing health-related information through electronic means and telecommunication technologies. It allows patients to carry forward their treatment remotely from top-notch physicians of the world. 

According to the United States Department of Health and Human Services, telehealth is a non-clinical service that includes training, administrative meetings, and continuing medical education. That is why the term is known as “remote clinical services” or telehealth.” 

What is the Use of Telemedicine Services?

There is much utilization of Telemedicine that marks the success of the healthcare industry. Here, the article expresses some of the prominent features which telehealth solutions hold. 

Follow-Ups Visits:-

Follow-ups are something that is not possible during in-person visits. Thus, Telemedicine helps in taking proper follow-ups of the health state of the patients. It ensures better healthcare, diagnosis, and treatment of the patients. 

Remote Chronic Disease Management:-

The higher risk of chronic diseases is a significant concern in the healthcare system. The management it offers helps patients to get more accessible and less expensive treatment. Telemedicine helps in maintaining health at a very affordable range.

Preventive Care Support:-

With the people’s ongoing eating habits and lifestyle, it has become a new normal that people these days suffer from heart attacks and other chronic diseases. Telemedicine in this state can be a boon to provide the preventive support they need in such conditions. 

What are the Benefits of Telemedicine?

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Telemedicine is the solution that has become the horizon for many healthcare benefits. All healthcare segments like decision-makers, healthcare providers, patients, physicians, etc., have moved towards Telemedicine. Therefore, we are sharing a quick update on the advantages received from the Telehealth System. 

1. Benefits For Healthcare Providers:- 

Telemedicine gives freedom to enjoy integrated technologies like Electronic Medical Records, AI diagnostics, and many other tools. It facilitates healthcare more effectively. Precisely, the healthcare providers can ascertain real-time patient monitoring, adjust treatment plans, and other activities. 

2. Benefits For Patients:-

Patients losing their doctor’s visits and healthcare statistics can now see a physician without any trouble. Simultaneously, the daily health reports, charts, diagnostics plans, etc., all are available in one place. Moreover, the spread of any contaminating disease can be stopped, as the patient can see their doctor without leaving home. Following are other prominent benefits of Telemedicine:

  • Transportation: Patient can avoid distant travelling and can save money
  • No Missing Work: Telehealth can help book consultations in your spare time at the office.
  • Childcare/Eldercare Challenge: Telehealth also helps in taking proper care of loved ones.

3. Benefits For Payers:-

Big names of the healthcare sector are taking advantage of telemedicine facilities. Telemedicine acts as a boon and a cost saviour for people with substance abuse disorder. The platform is affordable in every aspect and is highly cost-effective for all categories of healthcare. 

So these were all the information related to the benefits of Telehealth. Telehealth solutions are playing a crucial role in advancing the healthcare industry. People who want to expand their healthcare businesses or make good decisions about their health can choose online medical care

Difference Between Telehealth VS Telemedicine:

Telehealth is interchangeably used with Telemedicine. But today, Telemedicine has become more popular due to its capacity of fulfilling the minor needs of businesses. The WHO uses Telemedicine to explain all the terms of healthcare and preventive care. 

The United States Department of Health & Human Services expresses telehealth as a non-clinical service, including training, administrative meetings, medical education continuity, etc. 

Types of Telemedicine Services:-

There are many types and customization available in the Telemedicine App development. But a few prominent ones are briefed in the context below. Read all the details and ascertain the standard type of telehealth services.

Interactive Medicine:-

Interactive medicine is also known as “live telemedicine.” It offers patients & physicians to interact in real-time while following HIPAA compliance. It is the best method to give patients the actual time in diagnosing and treating. 

Remote Patient Monitoring:-

The most popular term calculated in the scope of Telemedicine. It permits any doctors to take care of the patients from their homes only. It utilizes a patient portal to diagnose patients and treat them accordingly. 

Store & Forward:-

It is a segment of Telemedicine that allows any physician to share patient information with another practitioner in another zone. A primary practitioner can share a patient’s vital and medical care with a specialist in another location. 

Final Words:

To sum up, Telemedicine has geared up every inch of the healthcare industry. People are also welcoming this technology with open arms. The article is a detailed guide on the definition, types, benefits, differences between Telemedicine and telehealth. A user can read and make their decision accordingly by going through the details. 

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