Skills Required To Be Software Developer in 2021 -

Skills Required To Be Software Developer in 2021

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What are the skills needed for a software developer? Well, the article will help you to understand the knowledge and talent needed to be one. Firstly, you should be able to understand programming languages, important computer science concepts, network basics, the know-how of toolkits, and last not but not least, execution talent. The page is full of information for those who are new in the software development line. It holds the skills for software developers needed in 2021.

So, without wasting any moment further, let us take a deep insight into what skills are required to become a software developer. Along with this, we will be reading about the benefits of being a software developer. 

The skills presented are the ones that any developer has to hold in present times. Along with this, one should hold some other advances that are proactiveness, the know-how of new trends & techniques, trending tools in the IT sector, etc. Now, let us take a grab at skills & benefits for software developers. 

1. Cloud Computing Skills:-

Besides containers, cloud computing is the second essential thing that any software developer or data science expert must learn in 2021. Companies of all sizes are proclaiming cloud computing as the best tool for helping in software development. The platform gives many benefits like cost-saving, better scalability, and whatnot. 

Cloud computing is also essential when it comes to Data Science, Machine Learning, & Artificial Intelligence. Many powerful platforms are available in the IT sector, such as AWS (Amazon Web Services), Google Cloud Platform (GCP), or Microsoft Azure

2. Structuring & Algorithms:-

If you dream of becoming a software developer, then Data Structure and Algorithms are a must-know thing. It would be the most crucial part of an interview for an exciting opportunity. The fundamental units from Data Structure & Algorithms comprise array, linked list, map, set, etc. 

Self-learners are also advised to know Data Structure & Algorithms as it will be your first thing when it comes to data science terminology.  

3. Git & GitHub:-

Here Git & GitHub are the source control terms. If anybody is into software development, you should know various source control options like these two tools. Around 70% of organizations around the globe put their faith in Git as their basic need for source control. 

By learning these two command lines, software developers can enjoy excellent branching and merging of codes. Moreover, it gives a smooth and seamless experience in development. 

4. Database & SQL:-

SQL is the classic elegance, being around in the IT sector for more than 30 years. The omnipresence of databases expected programmers familiar with the database context like normalization, table designing using SQL, etc.  

Popular databases include Oracle, MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server, PostgreSQL, and more. The programmer must be aware of inserting/updating/deleting the data and re-writing it with SQL queries for retrieval. 

What are the Perks of Being A Software Developer?

Source:- Coding Ninjas

Benefits of software developers include the highest pay band, future growth, interactive work culture, high demand, and whatnot. So, here is a glimpse of what are the advantages of becoming a software developer. 

1. Highest Demand:-

With the growing digitalization and dependency on software, the demand for software developers is skyrocketing. Computers and technology have become a crucial part of our digital lives. 

To turn any business into a success, any organization will need software developers. Programmers have high demand, and the demand seems to rise day-by-day with the blooming technology.

2. Smart Pay Band:-

An estimation from The Bureau of Labour Statistics has anticipated that the growth of software developers will rise from 19% between 2014 to 2024. Moreover, the software development jobs are ranked #2 in the best technology. Simultaneously, the job is marked #13 in the top 100 Jobs in the US. 

Now comes the earning part of any software developer. Being in high demand enables any software developer to earn around the following pay band:

  • eBay $113,549
  • Oracle $116,514
  • Microsoft $116,967
  • Intel $117,643
  • Amazon $118,121
  • Yahoo $125,366
  • Apple $138,300
  • Google $164,683
  • LinkedIn $170,839
  • Facebook $177,014

3. Future Scope:-

The technological future will be a custom programming language in AI, robotics, enterprise solutions, and whatnot. It will help in data handling, statistical, analytical study, operating functions, cyber security, and the list continues. 

Moreover, the spreading needs of applications & software to do any task have established a vital need for programmers in any condition. Hence, it will be a segment that will never lack job opportunities.  

4. Intuitive Work Places:-

With a team of power-packed knowledge and talent, the workplace becomes a hub of learning. You learn new things from each of your fellow mates and share your abilities. It becomes a place that becomes the source of new things & ideas. 

Simultaneously, the place where you start creating software or applications becomes your place of interest. With talented minds and excitement to deal with new aspects of development, anybody enjoys working. 

Final Words:-

So these were all the Skills Needed for Software Developers & Benefits to be it. Mushrooming technologies, new business ideas, and a zeal to give uniqueness in the IT sector make any developer a necessary element. Without a programmer, no business can run to its most total capacity. Simultaneously, growth seems beyond the segment. 

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