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Importance of healthcare apps for patients


Technology is expanding at its fullest pace and wherever it is making its presence, that sector is growing like mushrooms. The existence of technology has marked a beginning in the healthcare industry too. Digitalization and module of government to keep everyone safe has paved the way for telehealth, mhealth, and other online healthcare services. Both physicians and patients are enjoying the technology as it is by far the best way of being safe from the prevailing pandemic. But what is Importance of healthcare apps for patients? This is a new consideration for the developers in the making of any healthcare application. 

The first thing is HIPAA Compliance. Any development company that is preparing a healthcare app has to put this law in the coding. HIPAA Compliance security guideline is mandatory in US territory to follow when operating a healthcare business or an app. As per the reports, around 84,000+ applications are based on healthcare mechanisms. Moreover, 60% population uses the mHealth mobile app to sort their medical situations. The use of Mobile Health Applications (mHealth) to improve patient experience is a priority. Hence, the app should fulfill the requirements of the patients. 

What do patients want from the healthcare app?

Any individual who uses a healthcare app, over a point may require some more add-ons or functionalities. This is the duty of the developer to ensure all the functionalities in the app. Generally, the patient who utilizes the app uses three basic functionalities i.e. 

  • To schedule/cancel/postpone an appointment
  • Requesting prescription
  • Easy access to medical records 

Statistics show that only 11% of the hospital apps offers either of the functionalities stated above. Another unfortunate aspect about healthcare apps is about 2% audience gets engaged. Talking about the business ratio, then healthcare services are going to make $45 billion each year. 

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Benefits of healthcare apps for patients?

After an introduction to healthcare statistics, here is an overview of the expected features any patient want in the healthcare application development:

1. Easy Registration & Logins

The main aspect of any app development is a user can easily get enter into the app. Convenient Registrations and Logins are something that attracts user and improves the engagement of patients.

2. Functionality

Functionality only bounds the right audience for long survival. Make you the development company offers you the below-given basics in the app:

  • Scheduling/Postponing/Canceling appointments
  • Requesting online prescription from doctors
  • Easy accessibility to records

3. Genuine Reporting

Our team of dreamsoft4u makes sure the software you want delivers genuine health reports. This enables patients to get an exact account of their healthcare statistics. Instances like Medical state, medication, reports like BP, Sugar, Cholesterol, etc. are as exact as possible. 

4. Easy Approach to Physician

The mHealth apps allow patients to establish communication with the physician easily. An estimate explains that around 75% of hospitals deal with very basic doctor visits that can be managed over the apps. 

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This also ensures more safety and security of the doctor as well as patients in the time of the COVID-19 pandemic. Telehealth facilities aid doctors to give the best treatment possible. For patients, telehealth apps facilitate time & money-saving treatments. 

5. Integration with Wearable Devices

The compatibility with the wearable devices is the major feature any patient wants. Tracking the daily routine of step count, running, walking, BP, Sugar, etc. is what everybody needs. The estimated business of wearable healthcare devices will reach $20 Billion by 2023. Wearable devices help collect critical data such as sleep disorders, pulse, heartbeat, physical activities, etc. 



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How is Medical Applications used in healthcare?

The utilization of medical apps services is better understood in these below given 4 steps. These steps will communicate the best way how healthcare app is used in the industry:

1. Removing Diagnosing Error

A misinterpretation diagnosis of a patient’s medical health is the worst scenario, any app can create. This error has caused several deaths and harm to the patient’s family. The app should have intelligent diagnostic capabilities to deliver the best diagnosis and remote treatment. 

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2. Making Critical Choice Easily

The information stored on the app gives an insight into the patient’s condition. The reports allow medical professionals to take critical clinical choices very smoothly. Many studies have found that mHealth, Telemedicines, etc. facilities are driving 100% accurate reporting and diagnosing parameters. 

3. Remote Health Assistance

The telehealth apps give very helpful remote health assistance. People in far-flung areas where medications and doctors both take too much time to reach are assisted well with mHealth & Telehealth apps. It helps to provide treatment to the people at home and so the needy need not move here to there for getting instant medical assistance. 

4. Informative 

The apps are being used to inform patients about their health standards. Physicians can easily share patient’s health statistics, improvement areas, critical conditions, precautions to be done, etc. very flawlessly.

Final Words:

Patients with the growing technology either in the rural or urban areas have started accepting these telehealth services. Millennial apps have been developed to cure patients in every corner of the world. But with the growing technology, expectations also become high. The patient starts to expect the new and advanced feature to monitor their health at home. 

That is why the article about the Importance of healthcare apps for patients is prepared for acknowledging the needs or expected features a patient demands in a healthcare app. Read all the articles very carefully and also suggest what other features can be added to the list. 

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Sanjeev Agrawal

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