Hotel Booking App Development Guide: Cost, Features And More

Hotel Booking App Development Guide 2024: Cost, Features And More

Hotel Booking App Development

Bygone are the days when we used to travel long distances to confirm a hotel booking for the next travel plan. Over the years, the travel industry has witnessed a massive change. One such change is choosing the path of digitization. As a result, Hotel Booking App Development has come into the limelight. 

Today, most people prefer to confirm bookings using these applications. Why not? After all, these are highly affordable due to the available discount coupons. Additionally, they save a lot of time. According to a survey, the worldwide online travel booking market size is expected to reach $905.89 billion in 2024. The hotel booking market is growing rapidly. Thus, it’s high time hotel business owners invest in these applications. 

Before building your app, you must have a detailed understanding of hotel booking app development. Additionally, the entire process of developing an app for hotel bookings is covered in this article. We have covered different hotel booking apps along with their features, functionality, and more. Now let’s get started!

Introduction To Hotel Booking Apps

Hotel booking applications are developed strategically to help people confirm their hotel bookings remotely. Using these applications, guests can book hotels within a few clicks from their homes. On these apps, you can set your budget and choose from the best options available. While booking through these applications, check out the hotel reviews and pictures to get a clear idea. Some popular hotel booking applications:

  • Airbnb
  • HotelTonight
  • Priceline
  • Clear Trip and many others.

Recent Hotel Booking Apps Statistics

  • In the year 2023, the global hotel booking app development market was valued at USD 4.86 billion. However, it is expected to grow to USD 7.64 billion by 2024.
  • In 2023, more than half of total hotel bookings were made through hotel booking applications.
  • Around 70% of travelers research hotels online using their mobile phones. 

Types Of Hotel Booking Apps 

Hotel Booking Apps 

1. Last-minute booking application 

The last-minute booking application is ideal for quick travelers who make plans at the last minute. Until the development of these applications, it was difficult to find hotels where you could crash after a long day of traveling. Since these apps focus on a same-day reservation model; as a result, rooms are offered at reduced prices. 

2. Hotel consolidator application 

Using the hotel consolidator application, it becomes easier for customers to find the best hotel based on their preferences. These applications gather all important information about the hotel and offer it to the customer. Additionally, the customer goes through the data and selects the hotel based on the amenities and features provided. But sometimes, booking through such applications can help you save a lot of money as they offer massive discounts on rooms in big cities and major travel destinations. So, booking through apps is a great choice! 

3. Hotel chain booking application 

Have you ever heard about “The Taj Hotel”? Unlike other hotels, these five stars are present in most metropolitan cities around the world. You can visit any of the hotel chain booking applications and book a hotel inside that chain. The primary purpose of developing a hotel chain booking application is to book a specified hotel or a chain of hotels. Such AI apps are considered mainly by big hotel chains such as “The Taj” and others.

4. Advanced booking application

Are you someone who likes to plan everything? If so, advanced booking applications are your thing! Using these applications, a customer can confirm their booking in advance and get a considerable discount. But customers sometimes confirm their bookings even 6 to 8 months in advance to ensure they get their preferred room and view. So, an advanced booking application comes in handy.

 5. Hybrid booking application 

As the name suggests, hybrid booking applications are highly flexible and allow customers to make reservations in advance or at the last moment once the planning is done. These are a popular hotel booking app as they give complete flexibility to confirm reservations based on your availability. 

Key Features of Hotel Booking App

1. Comparison 

Before confirming the bookings, everyone loves to compare hotels available within their budget based on their preferences. Through the comparison feature, comparing two properties becomes easier. 

2. Search 

The search feature on the hotel booking application is a basic necessity where individuals can easily look for a particular property within their location. Here, you can get away from the hassle of scrolling through different properties through the search feature. 

3. Secure payment option 

While confirming the bookings, customers make payments online. Therefore, a secured payment option is important so customers can easily and securely make payments. 

4. Cancellation and refund 

Customers sometimes have to cancel their bookings due to medical conditions or sudden changes in the plan. In such a situation, the hotel booking apps must have an easy cancellation and refund feature. Also, customers get a 50% refund in their bank accounts.

5. Push notifications 

Constant notifications regarding upcoming deals, offers, and booking deals attract customers to make a booking. Additionally, the push notification feature builds a strong image of the brand in the customer’s eye.

How Does a Hotel Booking App Work? 

A hotel booking application works by processing online customer reservations on the hotel’s website. To make the reservations on the hotel booking apps, the customer searches through different options and compares them. Additionally, they confirm after making the final payment. 

Five Benefits of Hotel Booking Mobile App Development 

1. Improved guest experience

Guests can explore hotel alternatives, compare rates, and make reservations easily and conveniently with the help of hotel booking apps. Generally, these apps frequently have safe payment methods, real-time availability updates, and user-friendly interfaces that make booking easier. So, to improve their stay, guests can also utilize the app to obtain extra amenities, including room service requests, special requests, and loyalty program advantages.

2. Increased revenue for hotels

Hotels can lower their reliance on third-party booking systems, which often demand exorbitant commission costs, by providing a direct booking channel through a hotel booking app. Hotels also benefit from better profit margins when they receive direct bookings since they keep the whole booking amount. Additionally, hotels may use the app’s data analytics to better understand visitor preferences, customize offerings, and upsell extra services to increase income.

3. Streamlined operations

Several operational activities, including processing reservations, keeping track of available rooms, and interacting with visitors, are made easier by hotel booking apps. Digital room keys, in-app messaging, and check-in/check-out alerts are also a few examples of automated technologies that lighten the strain on hotel employees and increase operational effectiveness. Moreover, perfect synchronization between the app, hotel management software, and other pertinent systems is made possible by integrated back-end systems, which reduces mistakes and delays.

4. Better branding and marketing

Hotel booking applications are effective marketing tools that let lodging establishments show off their features, services, and exclusive deals to prospective customers. Moreover, personalized promos and push notifications can be tailored to particular user categories, boosting client loyalty and repeat bookings. Above all, positive app ratings and reviews can help a firm establish a solid reputation, attract new customers, and grow its market share.

 5. Data-driven insights

Apps for booking hotels provide insightful data that can guide strategic choices and raise client happiness. Hotels can spot trends, preferences, and areas for development by examining usage data, booking patterns, and guest reviews. Additionally, using a data-driven strategy, hotels may better satisfy guest expectations by customizing their offerings, and marketing efforts.

How To Develop A Hotel Booking App In 2024? 

Here is the step-by-step process for hotel booking app development: 

Step 1: Planning and Strategy formulation 

To design and develop a successful hotel booking application, detailed planning is required, and a well-defined strategy is formulated to strengthen your project. During the development process, the project strategy is discussed. We closely study the competitors and finalize the business model. It includes deciding the type and features of the application. Additionally, solutions are designed to solve existing problems that give you an edge in the market. 

Step 2: UX and UI designing 

The primary aim of UX and UI designing is to simplify the entire hotel booking process. Therefore, building a user-friendly application with an excellent UI/UX design is necessary. While developing the hotel app, you must ensure to design in a manner that all features are easily accessible. Additionally, the application must be less complicated. Further, developers put their skills to work and developed an excellent hotel booking application. 

Step 3: Hire an App Development Company 

Once the planning and designing process is completed, hiring the best hotel booking app development company is essential. Here, you must hire professional experts with an amazing portfolio. Additionally, ensure their fee fits under your budget to minimize future complexities. Experts from an app development company can offer the best applications that run smoothly. 

Step 4: Hotel booking app development

After hiring the best app development company, it is time for the actual development. Here, the developer uses their coding skills and experience to develop the best application based on the plan formulated in the first step. The aim is to develop an error-free and high-performing application that runs efficiently. 

Step 5: Testing and launching 

The last step of the hotel booking app development is the testing followed by the launching of the application. After the application development process, several tests are conducted to meet the set standards. Further, a strategy is made to rectify these errors. After a successful testing period, the application is all set to launch in the market. Before the launch, a proper marketing strategy is made so that the application grabs everyone’s attention. This contributes to the success of the project. You can get in touch with an on-demand app development company for the best services.

Top 3 Ways Hotel Booking App Makes Money 

1. Advertising model

This is the most popular business plan in the hotel sector. In the advertising model, the application makes money through advertising. Further, these applications monetize all applications to generate revenue from them. However, it is the least profitable hotel booking business model; however, the associated risks are comparatively lesser. 

 2. Dedicated model 

The dedicated model is generally used by hotel chains like “The Taj.” Since the hotel bridges the gap between them and customers using the application. All globally renowned hotels are making money through this business model. 

3. Merchant model 

In the merchant motel, the leading hotel booking makes a joint group or partners with a particular resort or hotel. They get reservations for that particular hotel only. Further, these hotels are rented out using their applications.

Most Popular Hotel Booking Apps 

Hotel Booking Apps

1. is one of the most loved and preferred online hotel booking applications where travelers can share their experiences and offers from a vast collection of hotels. From high-end luxury to budget-friendly hotels, the app features detailed property information. Alongside, it also shows real-time availability and secure booking options. You can build mobile apps with features like cancellation and refund policies in case of emergencies. 

2. Agoda 

Known for providing the best hotel options in Asia, Agoda is a leading hotel booking app. From apartments to hotels, Agoda offers it all at competitive prices. Additionally, it also features customer reviews and comes with filters that ease the hotel hunting process. 

3. TripAdvisor 

TripAdvisor is a popular travel website that offers user-generated opinions and rankings. It also provides suggestions for lodging and other travel services. The app has a huge database of hotels worldwide, along with booking choices, traveler images, and thorough descriptions.

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How Much Does Hotel Booking App Development Cost? 

Developing a hotel booking application is determined by several factors. The average price is $20,000 for basic. Whereas, it can rise up to $90,000 for advanced applications. Some common factors affecting the hotel booking app pricing are tech stack, development platform, and others.

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DreamSoft4U is a US-based custom software company that crafts tailored solutions that deliver seamless results. It is a Doctor On Demand App Development company with a team of experts with years of experience working with the latest tech stack. While working on the hotel booking applications, we keep a customer-centric approach to finding solutions for every problem. If you’re thinking of building your hotel booking application, get in touch with experts at DreamSoft4U. Above all, developers here tailor-made solutions and exude excellence. What is the wait for? Visit us today! 

Wrapping Up!

With each passing day, the use of hotel booking applications is increasing. Thus, you need a feature-rich application to stay ahead of the competition. These hotel booking apps allow your customers to confirm their bookings and make payments online. The highly intuitive interface makes operations easier. Additionally, the continuous coupon codes attract customers to make frequent hotel bookings. If you’re planning to introduce your hotel booking application, get in touch with experts at DreamSoft4U. Here, experts will understand your needs and offer tailored solutions.    


1. List the top benefits of a hotel booking app 

If you are a hotel business owner, there are several hotels to develop a hotel booking application. These include excellent customer reviews, cost and time savings for customers, and more reservations. Additionally, it results in better customer relationships. 

2. How can I monetize my hotel booking application? 

You must partner with hotels and work on paid applications and subscriptions to monetize your hotel booking application. Moreover, you must choose advertising as a tool to monetize your app. So, get in touch with the best app development companies for monetization.

3. What are the must-have features of a hotel booking app? 

Some must-have features in a hotel booking application are comparison options to compare different hotels and a search bar to find the most suitable hotels. Moreover, other features such as a secure payment gateway, cancellation and refund, push notifications, user account, and others, are also required. 

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