Healthcare Software Development: Everything You Need to Know

Custom Healthcare Software Development: Everything You Need to Know About

healthcare software development

The healthcare industry is considered one of the biggest industries across the world. According to a study conducted by the Deloitte Global Health Care Outlook report, the worldwide healthcare market stands at a whopping value of $7.724 trillion. It is because this massive industry comprises a full spectrum of healthcare service providers companies ranging from hospitals, clinics to those responsible for the development of drugs and medical equipment. Therefore, to manage that much chaos in such a big industry, the demand for custom healthcare software development automatically arises. And, a reputed custom healthcare software company can only fulfill such requirements. 

Well, the market is filled with a large number of healthcare software development companies but choosing the right fit considering project requirements is the major concern for every healthcare service provider. Here in this blog, we will shed light on every important aspect associated with custom healthcare software development. But initially, we will find out,

COVID-19 Impact on Healthcare Industry

Almost every industry across the world gets impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic badly so does the healthcare industry and still experiencing its after-effects. Initially, when the pandemic began, the industry started to experience a three-phase reaction which was to respond, recover and finally renew. Therefore, the entire healthcare system was deeply affected, and the problems that occurred due to the pandemic like supply chain failure, staff quarantine, and the safety protocols made the hospital industry really worried.  

The State of the Healthcare Software Development

Information technology has already revolutionized the world with tech-driven solutions for almost every aspect of our lives. Then why doesn’t the healthcare industry need to be upgraded with healthcare software solutions? The recent pandemic has increased this urge, and healthcare organizations are incorporating a variety of healthcare software solutions into their system. To manage different kinds of medical data like electronic health records, medical history, personal information of patients, and others. This not only helped the healthcare industry transform the rudimentary paper-based system into a digitized form but also offered portability, improved patient safety, and operational efficiency. Therefore, healthcare service providers are making their way to custom healthcare software development in order to attain the benefits mentioned earlier. 

Healthcare Software Development

What is Custom Healthcare Software Development?

Custom healthcare software development services can be defined as designing, developing, deploying, and maintaining software for medical professionals so that they can seamlessly interact with patients, better use medical data analytics, and access patient health records. It helps healthcare providers in offering better patient experiences at cost-effective pricing. 

Have a look at a few examples of how custom software development has transformed the tech-driven healthcare industry. 

  1. Hospital Management System (HMS) or Hospital Information System (HIS) is one of the best examples of custom healthcare software development in this digital era. A full-fledged solution is competent to handle several aspects associated with hospital or clinic workflow effortlessly. 
  1. An Electronic Health Record (EHR) system is another illustration of custom healthcare software solutions. It keeps track of patient’s data and history in a digital format that can simply be shared among different healthcare systems. 
  1. Mobile apps and wearable devices are the most advanced example of healthcare software development services from renowned healthcare software companies. Normal users can keep track records of their health and fitness.  

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Key Benefits of Custom Healthcare Software

1. Tailor-made Solution

Software solutions that are created to fulfill your business’ specific requirements are called tailor-made solutions. When it comes to delivering excellent patient-care services, it is recommended to go for custom software solutions instead of an off-the-shelf or packaged solution. Because the latter one may or may not be able to meet your business requirements. Even there are chances they won’t perform well within a specific type of facility. On the other hand, a custom solution will be capable of solving all your business complexes and meeting your business goals as well. 

2. Streamlined Workflow

We have already witnessed in our daily lives how technology enables us to perform our routine tasks effortlessly and with more accuracy. But a custom software solution has an impact on our lives way beyond and enables our clinical staff to focus more on patient care. 

3. Personalized Care

In today’s world, patients want to take care of their health on their own and expect personalized services from their healthcare provider. That’s why the demand for telemedicine, at-home testing kits, and health apps is growing exponentially worldwide. 

4. Advance Security

Custom healthcare software solutions are developed in compliance with the industry standards that ensure the security and confidentiality of your personal data. Whereas mobile applications should comply with Open Web Application Security Project standards and other certifications to be approved. 

The organizations can create custom healthcare software through the following assistance.

  • They can utilize any open-source platform to create a customized solution without writing any code.
  • They can outsource their project to a renowned development agency.

Why is it Better to Outsource Custom Healthcare Software Development

Healthcare Software Development

According to a survey conducted by Deloitte’s Global Outsourcing, more than 72% of companies choose to outsource their software development project rather than work on them in-house. And the reasons behind such a huge inclination towards outsourcing software development are as follows.

1. Cost-Effective

If a study conducted by Quartz is believed, around 46% of startups are likely to fail in lieu of shortage of budget. On the other hand, when you go with offshore developers to create your custom software, website, or mobile app, you can save overhead costs incorporated in the in-house development of any project. Like payroll, office space, insurance benefits, vacations, and more. Also, you can use this saved amount in other important tasks and operations for your organization. When you hire offshore developers, the asked price for the creation of your software, web, or mobile app is way lower than the western countries. Therefore, outsourcing custom healthcare software development is an affordable approach in the development domain. 

2. Access to Large Pool of Software Developers

Outsourcing custom healthcare software development gives you access to a large pool of software developers from worldwide. You can hire software developers of different skills and relieve them as per your project needs and budget. But when you go with in-house development, you have to shell out extra costs apart from the salary of the hired software developers. Like, cost to hire, set up infrastructure, and team. Therefore, with outsourcing custom healthcare software development, you benefit from the flexibility of scaling up and down resources as per your project needs. 

3. Increased Productivity

When you work with offshore developers, you do not have to burden them with briefings and preparations from time to time, as they are qualified and professional enough to develop your app. This results in saving lots of your valuable time you can utilize in improving critical and core healthcare services of your organizations and improving outcomes. 

4. Agile and Scalable Solutions

When you outsource custom software development to a third-party agency, you get the flexibility of managing resources as per your project requirements. Also, you can add scalable software developers to your app development team who are way more agile and consistent. On the other hand, your in-house developers can focus on more critical works of your organization without losing their focus on different projects. 

5. Faster Time to Market

Outsourcing the custom development project gives you access to a pool of talented software developers. You can choose the best out of the healthcare domain to complete your project in a limited timeframe. Also, you get assured that you will be delivered with a superior, well-grained app and start giving your patients treatment as early as possible.    

Cost of Outsourcing Custom Healthcare Software Development

The Healthcare industry is among the biggest industries worldwide. Operations, processes, and workflow here are interconnected and highly sophisticated. Therefore, hiring a software developer having expertise in the healthcare domain is way more expensive than other domains. Owing to this, it is far better to outsource software development, and 59% of companies across the world go with this option. Outsource software development lets you have access to a range of costs from country to country, and you can save about 40-70% of the total costs. The only thing you have to do is make the right decision in choosing your technology partner. 

Here we are providing the breakdown of the average hourly cost of software developers in different countries/regions. have a look

Note: if you outsource your custom software development from India, you will get the best price possible at an average hourly rate of $30. Also, you can choose from a vast talent pool of developers who are highly skilled, talented, and experienced in their domain.   

Tips to Hire a Team of Remote Healthcare Software Developers

Healthcare Software Development

1. Look for a proven track record

Before selecting any custom healthcare software company, look for its track record, whether through checking service provider ranking on websites like Clutch or their Linkedin profile to find out how they interacted with their clients. Also, you can contact their old clients to get exact reviews of the work done for them.

2. Make sure of their workflow

Before making any decision, you can check on how the development team of a service provider communicates with the clients and how dedicated professionals are allocated to a project. Taking these points into consideration, you can hire the right team that matches your style of administration. 

3. Make sure you get all the codes

In some cases, it has been found that developers refused to pass on the codes to the clients owing to some personal conflict. Therefore, it is vital to ensure you will get complete access to codes all the time before outsourcing your custom software development project to the service providers.

4. Think over the given quote

Analyze the given quote keenly before starting the project with the company. Sometimes, it has been found that service seekers get into the trap of the cheap quote and end up with the product not competent to fulfill their business goals. And they have to spend more money on the rework of the project. Therefore, focus on quality rather than the amount you are going to spend.

5. Ensure delivery of bespoke products

In some cases, it has been found that the developers initially agree to fulfill all your specific requirements, but while developing those requirements of yours not traversed thoroughly. Therefore, always ensure that the developer is specialized in accomplishing your specific requirements or not.

6. Collaborate through a proper management tool

Before assigning your project to an outsource software development service, make sure they do use a project management tool to collaborate with the client or not. 

7. Ask for updates

Ensure that the developers would provide you with the demo or updates of the project from time to time.

8. Stay collaborated with the team

When you are going to hire an offshore team for your software project, always be proactive to connect with the development team. It will help you keep a track record of your project progress.

Why Choose DreamSoft4u for Custom Healthcare Software Development?

Dreamsoft4u is a renowned name in custom healthcare software development cost with more than 20+ years of experience. The company possesses a team of highly-skilled, talented, and experienced developers who are competent to turn your idea into reality. The organization aims at delivering bespoke products to its global clientele within given timeframes and at cost-effective pricing. It provides a comprehensive range of healthcare software solutions; you can choose the best-suited one or tailor-made your solutions with Dreamsoft4u. For more information, visit our website. 

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With the current breakout of the COVID-19 virus, the healthcare industry gets the immediate urge to digitalize the health care system to keep health data intact. Those who belong to healthcare services can digitize their system via custom software development or off-the-shelf products. But opting for off-the-shelf products is an expensive deal compared to custom software development because the former leverages a variety of advantages that may not be of your use. Therefore, custom healthcare software development is the best deal at cost-effective pricing. You can add business-oriented capabilities to the system utilizing the experience and skills of offshore developers. 


Q1. Off-the-Shelf vs Custom Software Development: The difference?

Off-the-Shelf is like buying clothes from a shopping mall.  And the latter is like getting clothes tailored to your needs. Here’s a quick comparison table:

Ready-to-useYesTakes time to develop
CostLower upfront costHigher upfront cost
CustomizationLimitedHighly customizable
ExampleAccounting SoftwareHospital patient management system

Q2. How long can custom software development take?

The time to develop custom software can vary based on many factors. Ideally, we offer clients a project timeline and cost estimate after we know the exact product requirements and needs. 

Q3. If I hire DS4U, can I change the team size or will it be fixed?

Our engagement model is flexible by design. You can hire developers, designers, and others on an hourly, monthly, or project basis. You can also scale team sizes up or down as per project needs. 

Q4. Do you offer white-label software products too?

Yes, we have white-label software solutions for healthcare, logistics, education, event booking, and more. 

Q5. Can I get a demo of your white-label products? 

Yes, you can. Simply visit this link, fill in the details, and we will plan a demo for you.

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