Benefits of Telehealth or Telemedicine for Patient and Providers -

Benefits of Telehealth or Telemedicine for Patient and Providers

Telemedicine or Telehealth offers many advantages for patients, as well as for healthcare providers, especially this during the COVID-19 pandemic. Here we are discussing the Benefits of Telehealth or Telemedicine for Patient and Providers / doctors.

Benefits of Telemedicine / Telehealth for Patients

1. No Transportation Time or Costs

You can save money on gas, parking and public transportation by visiting your doctor on your mobile device or computer. Much better, you don’t waste time commuting or risk getting into a traffic jam that makes you late to get back to work for your meeting, or worse, late to home.

2. Less Time in the Waiting Room

If you use telemedicine technology to arrange a video appointment, you can remove all the time wasted looking at old magazines in a doctor’s office. Even if you don’t use telemedicine, by encouraging other patients to be seen from home, choosing a practice that provides it will minimize your waiting time.

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3. No need to take time off of work

Video visits largely remove the need to take time off when talking about the work. During a break or before or after work, you can simply schedule your visit. Anywhere you can be that offers enough privacy. You should follow up directions from your doctor to keep your wellbeing without missing a day’s work or wasting your precious paid time off.

4. Extended Specialist and Referring Physician Access

With telehealth, patients in rural or remote areas benefit from quicker and more convenient specialist access. In the U.S., for every100,000 rural patients, there are only 43 specialists available. These patients endure longer appointment commutes and have trouble accessing lifesaving consultations for specific diseases or chronic care plans.

5. Access to Specialists

Few patients seeking a specialist’s treatment must travel long distances and spend a great deal of time for each appointment. Telemedicine helps you and your primary care doctor to access the resources of non-neighbouring specialists. When it comes to serious health problems you want the best, not the nearest, to consult.

6. Better Patient Care Quality

Telemedicine offers patient-centered approaches, such as improved timeliness of care. This is critical to quality patient care. Patients can address healthcare issues quickly with real-time urgent care consultations and learn about treatment options within minutes.

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7. Less Chance of Catching a New Illness

Where can you be sure to find a lot of sick people? At the doctor’s office of course. While all do their best to prevent one patient from catching something from another, it is always possible, particularly in crowded waiting rooms. By staying at home, you get the treatment you need while minimizing the risk of infection and the possibility that someone else will pass on your disease.

8. Better Health

You can practice better management of your medication, lifestyle, and any chronic conditions that you may have when you are able to see your doctor as often as you need, without the challenges of getting into the office.

Despite this list, it’s not surprising that people are searching for healthcare services that deliver telehealth convenience and cost-effectiveness. It is about to have a big positive effect on the health care system as a whole and is poised to make things a little easier for you.

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9. Slowing the spread of infection

Going to the doctor’s office means being around people who may be sick, often in close quarters. This can be particularly dangerous for people with underlying conditions or weak immune systems. Telemedicine eliminates the risk of picking up an infection at the doctor’s office.

10. Convenience

Telemedicine allows people to access care in the comfort and privacy of their own home. This may mean that a person does not have to take time off of work or arrange childcare.

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Benefits of Telemedicine / Telehealth for Providers

1. Expanded access to care

It’s no secret that we face a shortage of clinician providers. Many hospitals and doctor’s practices lack the medical personnel they need. The provision of nursing counseling lines and medical call centres increases access to care without filling a waiting room full of frustrated patients. In this scenario, telemedicine can expand patient services in rural areas, connect with patients outside the delivery system and triage patient symptoms to help determine when physician care is required. Patients may also use telemedicine as an added bonus to receive cutting-edge care from specialists living around the world.

2. Improve patient satisfaction scores

Potential new patients are likely to look at you online before they actually walk into your office. By providing shorter waiting times and easy access to treatment, telemedicine services will increase patient satisfaction ratings. Improve satisfaction for your patient by offering shorter waiting times and convenient virtual healthcare.

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3. Added revenue stream

Telemedicine may attract new patients because of the convenience or function as an incentive for existing patients to seek care more frequently. Doctors will bill for virtual visits or phone calls that take less time than typical visits and provide patients with a direct connection without taking up space in an examination room.

4. Improves clinical workflows and increases practice efficiency

Telehealth can increase clinical workflow efficiency. It can serve as the conduit for quicker prioritization of care delivery, triaging each case and improving communication by capturing, storing, and using patient data for better medical decision-making. The Medical Group Management Association (MGMA) reports that telehealth is a feature of some of the best performing practices in our nation. These tools can help facilitate performance improvements including increasing patient satisfaction scores.

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5. Cut down on Readmissions

It can be difficult to help patients with acute health issues, such as infections or chronic illnesses, from being readmitted to the hospital. Telemedicine allows physicians to stay in close contact with more patients, providing ample opportunities for assessing emerging symptoms and identifying early problems before they require serious medical care.

6. Improves patient engagement with remote monitoring

The increasing role of consumerism and value-based reimbursement in healthcare has led hospitals and health systems to emphasize new ways of interacting with their patients to engage them in self-care. Treating patients proactively requires clinicians to teach patients how to care for themselves between clinical visits.

7. Improved workflow

Many telemedicine services help healthcare staff determine the reason a patient needs to call quickly so that they can prioritize care delivery, make recommendations and provide treatment or education. The staff members who field phone calls can designate tasks to the proper clinicians, ensuring that nurses, physicians, and specialists are able to apply their skills to the right patient scenarios. For example, a physician does not always have to deal with daily medication questions – that role can be delegated to a nurse.

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