8 Reasons Why eCommerce Business Needs a Mobile App

8 Reasons Why eCommerce Business Needs a Mobile App

8 Reasons Why ECommerce Business Needs A Mobile App

Cold-blooded competition has always existed in all kinds of businesses, eCommerce, the automobile industry or software industry. Considering all the positive reasons, this neck-to-neck competition helps a lot hence shall continue. eCommerce mobile app development creates an online presence for businesses to run all their transactions online, best for customer’s convenience and mobility. The eCommerce industry is evolving daily with increasing internet users; this has also remolded the online shopping space for customers, wholesalers, and retailers. The online presence of businesses has unlocked several new opportunities for boosting business growth and creating an efficient customer experience.

Smartphones are the next substantial thing; millennials spend most of their time on smartphones. Therefore, it becomes quite evident that businesses should evolve their strategies consequently. There has been growth in eCommerce in India as it is about to reach the 25% mark soon. These Days, businesses are also investing in the top mobile app development company to integrate advanced features in their online stores.

Mobile applications have made businesses go digital which even helps businesses meet customer demands in the e-commerce industry. Some special features which can be integrated into your mobile applications are wish lists, multi-payment options, notifications, quick checkouts, etc. It will help you to provide a multi-device and multi-channel experience for your online store.

How Will Mobile Apps Boost Your E-commerce Business?

1.   Direct-To-Customer Marketing Channel

With the help of smartphones, customers stay 24*7 correlated with brands in today’s world. These mobile devices have also altered how we connect with brands, gather information, and proceed to checkout. Progressively customers started to use their smartphones to shop, and therefore businesses should integrate eCommerce mobile app development into their marketing plan. It will modify the way communication will take place between customers and the brand. To provide an advantage to potential customers, brands should provide their customers with steady and consistent involvement with the help of mobile eCommerce. eCommerce app development services bridge the gap between customers and brands and effectively cater to deals, offers, and coupons to customers.

2.   Augmented Customer Experience

These days’ customers demand consistent and personalized experiences during their experience with the brand. If you wish that your customers should return to you, it is impossible to use the website as a channel to handle customers. eCommerce mobile applications make it easy for you. The help of advanced technologies like eCommerce mobile app builder, Artificial Intelligence, AR, VR, and machine learning integrated with your mobile eCommerce app, can help you assemble relevant insights about your users. It can also answer questions like what your users like. At what time of the day do they proceed to checkouts? How long do they take to make purchasing decisions? Once you have all the in-hand data about your customers, you can provide them with an optimized shopping experience to boost your sales.

3.   Boosts Customer Loyalty

Customers who may have decided to install your mobile apps may have known your brand or may show a greater investment level in your brand. Visitors or customers who want to purchase from your brand can even use websites, but they need to enter the login details each time they open the URL and would require to re-enter payment details if you don’t allow chrome to save. The problem of entering login details and checking out details, again and again, gets eliminated in the case of mobile applications. Additionally, it has been noticed that customers spend more time on mobile apps compared to what they spend on websites. You can also provide your customers with gift coupons, vouchers and other discount options as it will also help boost customer loyalty. Developing your mobile app, keeping in mind your customer requirements and integrating them into your app can build customer loyalty.

4.   Boosting Conversion Rates

What matters the most is conversion rates as it only helps to build revenue, and undoubtedly, mobile eCommerce apps help drive improved conversion rates. Whenever a customer desires to purchase a product, they are looking for an effortless purchasing process, and the best possible way is developing a mobile app. There are various reasons why businesses need a mobile app. It has features like push notifications, an easy checkout process, data is stored for further purchasing, cameras can be used to place orders, and integrate mobile wallet apps in your ecommerce app to provide an effortless payment process. Considering other channels, mCommerce is a convenient and easier option that boosts the business’s overall profitability.

5.   Brand Recognition

Expanded brand clarity is one of the major advantages and a substantial reason to choose Mobile eCommerce App Development. As people nowadays spend hours on mobile phones, chatting and surfing. Hence it becomes easy for brands to associate with them using a mCommerce platform. It is important to offer users a high-quality mobile app experience as if your app takes time to load or is complicated. They will get irritated and uninstall your mobile application. A study by Statista says that users install 32% of mobile apps if the app is complex and has a bad UX experience. Therefore, use smart branding tactics developed with attractive UI/UX designs to imprint a lasting impression on your mobile customers. To make your branding more effective, keep replying to all the customer queries manually or with integrated chatbots. The more knowledge you have about your customers, the better you can answer their queries.

6.   Response Time

The major concern that can turn off your customer is the loading speed of your mobile app. Compared with a website, a mobile app requires less time to load as the mobile app stores data to an extent on mobile devices. Apps connect precisely as websites do, and data transmission from a server to a mobile application is ten times lesser than transmission from the server and a browser. Therefore, apps fetch data faster than websites. Users can filter the app preferences according to their choices and convenience. Thus with the help of eCommerce app development services, a user can filter products according to their requirement and choices. You can have all your shortlisted products on the wish list so that you don’t have to search for them again at the time of purchase. It makes users proactive and saves time for users.

7.   Reduced Cart Abandonment Rate

A significant issue of the eCommerce industry is the rate of cart abandonment, and mobile apps reduce the rate of cart abandonment. Surveys and research by Baymards state that, on average, 69.23% is the average price of abandonment purchases. Mobile applications result in a reduced cart abandonment rate as it provides customers with an effortless checkout process. With the eCommerce mobile app builder, users easily get navigation for payment and shipping pages, which can help users finish their purchasing process with a single click. eCommerce mobile app development initiates faster checkout and purchasing process, avoiding lengthy checkout processes and distractions. The customers of mobile applications are very certain about their purchase and are sure about their purchase; only 20% of carts are abandoned in apps.

8.   Generates High Revenue

We have studied how mobile apps boost conversion rates, build customer loyalty, and have very less cart abandonment rates, resulting in generating high revenues for your brand. Statista states that in 2020, mobile applications generated about $581.9 billion in revenue. The evolution of mobile applications in the eCommerce industry has resulted in increased sales by using a user-friendly approach. Nowadays, customers prefer to purchase from mobile apps as they are convenient, easy to use, time-saving and provide an enhanced user experience. It is the right time for businesses to invest in the top mobile app development company to integrate all the business and its customers using effective ecommerce app development services. It will help the business to achieve a prominent position in comparison to its competitors.   

What Will Be the eCommerce App Development Cost?

To find a comprehensive answer to your question, ” How much will it cost to develop an eCommerce application? “. For this, the business needs to specify its needs and estimate its budget. There are various factors on which eCommerce app development cost depends on basic and advanced features and technologies you want to integrate.

If you want your app to be supported on hybrid development, it needs to be created with up-to-date technologies. If you only want your eCommerce app to be supported on Android, it may cost you between $20000 and $70000. If you want your eCommerce app to be only supported on Native iOS, it may cost you between $25000-$80000. And if you want to launch your brand on hybrid development, it will cost you between $35000-$90000.

Therefore, a company can spend around $50000 – $150000 to create an ecommerce mobile application depending on the technologies used, the complexity of the application and various other factors.


Now you may have understood why your eCommerce platform needs mobile apps. To recap, important KPIs are, increased conversion rates, reduced abandonment rates, build brand recognition, generates high revenue, and most importantly provides augmented customer experience. Nowadays, customers prefer mobile apps, and this reality can’t be ignored. Do you have any creative ideas for your eCommerce mobile app development, then contact the top mobile app development company today and start working on building an engaging, responsive and revenue-generating eCommerce mobile application?

In the comment section below, let us know how this blog helped you develop your eCommerce mobile application, and if in case we would have missed out on something, feel free to bring it to our knowledge.

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