12+ Best Celebrity Look Like Apps: What Celebrity Do I Look Like?

12+ Best Celebrity Look Like Apps: What Celebrity Do I Look Like?

celebrity look alike app

Celebrities are becoming a source of inspiration for everyone. Additionally, as this trend grows, celebrity look alike apps are becoming more and more popular. Such an application creates a celebrity look-alike of you using face recognition technologies. Only you have to upload a photo and choose a proper filter to find out what celebrity look alike app suits your purpose best.

These applications employ face recognition technology to analyze facial traits like hairstyle, skin tone, eyes, etc., to discover the best match and assist you in locating your famous twin. Find out which celebrity I look like with the help of these similar apps that include photo and video editing features. Celebrity look-alike applications are accessible and will continue to expand rapidly through 2022. Both Android and iPhone smartphone users can download these celebrity twin apps. Let’s see the market growth of what celebrity I look like apps. Moreover, you can check whether these apps fall under the umbrella of video editing app features or not.

Market Growth of What Celebrity Do I Look Like Apps

celebrity look alike app


Most individuals are now habitual to using smartphones in their daily lives with social media messaging apps like Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. According to statistics, 246 million Americans use social media networks for purposes like sharing and taking images, and sending them to friends and family is a common practice. And by 2023, this figure is expected to rise to 257M. The entire culture of photography is quickly taking over the entertainment sector.

Now, the industry is filled with the top celebrity twin applications thanks to this intriguing rise. We provide a list of the top 12 celebrity look-alike apps that users can download. You can take images and match your face with a celebrity’s face through the innovative features of these apps. Let’s see those applications. When we speak of market growth, social media messaging apps like Snapchat will be on the top.

Best Celebrity Look Like Apps: Which Celebrity Do I Look Like


App Supported OS Built Year Pricing
Celebs Android & iOS 2020 $4.99 Per Week
Doppel App Android & iOS 2020 Free
Facer Android & iOS 2019 $ 1.99 Life Time
Gradient Android & iOS 2019 $4.99 Per Week
Celeb Twin Android & iOS 2018 Free
Looky Android & iOS 2018 Free
Look-Alike Application Android & iOS 2019 $7.27 Life Time
My Replica Android & iOS 2016 Free
Star By Face Android & iOS 2018 Free
Twinlets App Android & iOS 2018 Free
Who Do I Look Like Android & iOS 2019 Free
Y Star Android & iOS 2018 Free


1. Celebs

  • Supported OS- Android & iOS
  • Build Year- 2020
  • Pricing- $4.99 per week

2. Doppel App

  • Supported OS- Android & iOS
  • Build Year- 2020
  • Pricing- Free

3. Facer

  • Supported OS- Android & iOS
  • Build Year- 2019
  • Pricing- $1.99 LifeTime

4. Gradient

  • Supported OS- Android & iOS
  • Build Year- 2019
  • Pricing- $4.99 per week

5. Celeb Twin

  • Supported OS- Android & iOS
  • Build Year- 2018
  • Pricing- Free



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6. Looky

  • Supported OS- Android & iOS
  • Build Year- 2018
  • Pricing- Free 

7. Look-Alike Application

  • Supported OS- Android & iOS
  • Build Year- 2019
  • Pricing- $7.29 LifeTime

8. My Replica

  • Supported OS- Android & iOS
  • Build Year- 2016
  • Pricing- Free

9. Start By Face

  • Supported OS- Android & iOS
  • Build Year- 2018
  • Pricing- Free

10. Twinlets App

  • Supported OS- Android & iOS
  • Build Year- 2018
  • Pricing- Free

11. Who Do I Look Like

  • Supported OS- Android & iOS
  • Build Year- 2019
  • Pricing- Free

12. Y Star

  • Supported OS- Android & iOS
  • Build Year- 2018
  • Pricing- Free

These are the best celebrity look-alike apps. Let’s discuss the above applications in detail. 

Detailed Description of Celebrity Look-Alike Apps

1. Gradient- Best Celebrity Twin App

Best Celebrity Twin App


The gradient is a famous and most downloaded celebrity look-alike mobile app. It is available on Android & iOS as a unique app idea. A few years ago, a Ukraine-based startup created a unique gradient app idea with the same name. The software first used a basic form of machine learning and created celebrities to look like it. Later, the designers improved the features and still continue to improve their services. This celebrity look-alike app allows for unlimited photo uploads. Let’s see some top features of Gradient.

Top Features of Gradient

The followings are the features of Gradient celebrity look-alike mobile apps:

  • It offers AI portrait solutions based on the user’s photo or image.
  • You may create a wide range of hairstyles and colors with dazzling and unique hair collages.
  • Numerous integrated beautification elements enhance the user experience.

2. Celebs- Celebrities Look Alike App


The Celebs app is another well-liked celebrity look-alike mobile app in this category. This software uses machine learning to assist users in finding the closest celebrity look-alike. This app’s accuracy level is outstanding. This application helps users get the optimal experience by identifying emotions first, then using facial recognition techniques. The technology recognizes your similarity. It is available on both operating systems- Android & iOS. Let’s see some top features of Celebs.

Top Features of Celebs:

The followings are the features of Celebs-

  • It has AI pictures, which are stunning.
  • It is free for users to access.
  • Best camera apps list
  • The software allows users to search for a celebrity match that looks just like them.

3. Star By Face: Top Celebrity Twin App


Star By Face is another app that has grown in popularity over time; the name alone conveys what the app is all about. To get started, all you have to do is upload your photo to a website or app. You can also add the photo by URL. The only thing to remember is to use a clear, full-face portrait photo to receive correct results when using this celebrity-lookalike Android app. Results are influenced by personal information as well. Let’s see some top features of this app.

Top Features of Star By Face:

The followings are the features of Star By Face-

  • Its top priority is the data security of users.
  • It offers the edited images with the highest resolution.
  • You can download it for free.
  • It is a celebrity look-alike android app.

4. My Replica- Look-Alike App

celebrity look-alike application

Want to add a touch of glamour to your images? This  Celebrity Look-alike app is your all-in-one solution. With a variety of filters to choose from, your photos will receive that polished, authentic makeover. 

Plus, the magic of facial recognition allows you to discover your celebrity doppelgänger. It also has an advanced machine learning editing feature used to edit photos. It is available on Android & iOS. Let’s see some top features of this application.

Top Features of My Replica:

The followings are the features of My Replica-

  • You can edit the picture with an advanced machine learning editing feature.
  • It will quickly help you to find your celebrity twin.
  • It gives you impressive outcomes in terms of accuracy.

5. Celeb Twin

This software is available primarily for iOS users and contains many unique features comparable to those found in other celebrity look-alike apps. You can track down your celebrity. One unique aspect of celeb twin is that it not only finds one match for the uploaded photo but also finds similarities with three other celebs. Just upload your picture to get results.

Top Features of Celeb Twin:

The followings are the features of Celeb Twin-

  • You can easily share pictures on Snapchat and Instagram.
  • It uses primarily Face Recognition Technology.

6. Y Star


The Y Star app examines your celebrity lookalike in a matter of seconds. Using this app is as easy as using the camera on your phone. With this application, you have only to click a photo of yourself with the Y star camera and wait for the results to see which celebrity you look like. Regardless of your age, sex, or scars, this software analyses your facial features.

Top Features of Y Star:

The followings are the feature of Y Star.

  • Results are automatically generated using front-camera data.
  • Results accurately reflect how closely a person looks like a celebrity.
  • An innovative machine learning algorithm.

7. Look-Alike Application

video editing app


Look-Alike Application is a free app that assists you in finding many celebrities. You can find your matching from a wide variety of celebrities. You only need to upload your photo to see your celebrity match. The software can match the image that most closely matches yours. You can discover comparable app solutions.

Top Features of Look-Alike Application:

The followings are the feature of the Look-Alike Application-

  • It offers a user-friendly interface and an extensive collection of celebrities.
  • It enables users to share the outcomes across different social media channels.

8. Looky

Looky is another user-friendly celebrity lookalike application. It displays the most matching results when users take selfies directly from an application’s camera. You can retake if you are not satisfied with your results. You can share the outcomes on social media once you obtain the desired result.

Top Features of Looky

The followings are the feature of Looky-

  • AI-based face recognition
  • Edit your photo professionally
  • Share your results on social media
  • Add filters, stickers, frames, and collage

9. Facer


Facer is one of the highly demanded applications. It offers you the three best celebrity matches that match your photo. It includes many celebrities like famous actors, politicians, singers, bloggers, sportspersons, etc.

Top Features of Facer:

The followings are the feature of Facer-

  • It is free.
  • Sharing options
  • AI-based face recognition
  • An innovative facial recognition algorithm

10. Who Do I Look Like

Who Do I Look Like is another excellent celebrity look alike app. It will give its judgment after examining your photo and your facial features like face tone, hair color, the shape of ear & nose, etc.

The software is continually being enhanced and optimized, and the already remarkable library of more than 1000 celebrities is expanding.

Its premium features are also available for free.

Top Features of Who Do I Look Like:

The followings are the feature-

  • Ensure high recognition accuracy with Amazon’s proprietary machine learning algorithms
  • Contain a remarkable library of more than 1,000 celebrities

11. Twinlets App

Android app

Twins App is a well-known look-alike Android app. It is developed for entertainment purposes. You should not take the outcomes seriously and try it only for entertainment purposes.

Top Features of Twinlets App:

The followings are the feature of the Twinlets App-

  • No registration is required
  • A collection of over 150 million faces
  • Automatically finds your pretending twin

12. Doppel App

Doppel App

Doppel App is a famous face match-up that will notify you after finding your face match. It is only available on Android.

Top Features of Doppel App:

The followings are the feature of the Doppel App-

  • It has more than 3,00,000+ pairs of Doppelgangers.
  • It makes smooth face morph videos.



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How Do Celebrity Look-alike Apps Make Money?

The followings are the strategies that can assist you in making money from Celebrity Lookalike Apps. Also, you may find out How much does it cost to develop an app?

1. Advertising

It is the best way to monetize your app. You can display advertisements within your app. In return, you can charge the advertiser for their advertisements.

2. In-App Purchases

You can also charge the user for using the unique features of your app. Many companies use this strategy.

3. Subscription

You can monetize your app through a subscription. First, you have to give your services for a limited time, and after that, you can ask them to buy your subscription plans to use your app unlimited time.

4. Sponsorship

It is another way to monetize your app. It will work in the following two ways:-

  • Equal distribution of total revenue, or
  • Sponsorship fees are paid monthly


In this article, we discussed the 12 best celebrity lookalike apps. We also discussed the growth of its market and its top features. We also mentioned how the celebrity Look-alike makes money. We hope that the article will be beneficial for you. If you need any help in developing such apps, then contact our mobile app developers at dreamsoft4u.com.

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