Future Healthcare Trends In 2022 Top 11 Watch Out

Watch Out Top 11 Future Healthcare Trends In 2022

Future Healthcare Trends

Technological advancements have led the healthcare sector to bloom by leaps and bounds. It has rebuilt the way people use healthcare facilities at clinics and hospitals. Today, we have advanced healthcare solutions, medication, equipment, and highly scalable treatments. It is all happening because we have stepped into the future healthcare trends of 2022

Healthcare technology trends have become an eloquent solution in the previous years. Whether it is the collaboration of Artificial Intelligence or the Internet of Medical Things (IoMT), technology has fascinated every inch of the healthcare industry. Therefore, the article accounts for top technology trends in healthcare in 2022.

Future Healthcare Trends
Future Healthcare Trends

What Are The Top 11 Healthcare Trends Of 2022?

The Future healthcare trends experts projected a swift growth of $96.5 billion in 2020. Now with a hike in the technological advancement in the healthcare industry, the experts believe in seeking growth of 15.1% from 2021 to 2028. 

1. Big Data In Healthcare 

The massive volume of information created by accepting the modernization, collecting the patient data, and managing the healthcare units is known as Big Data technology. It is being used with high variations, from treating patients to predicting and preventing an epidemic. 

The expert reports from the global big data healthcare market state that the progress will reach $34.27 billion by 2022 at a CAGR of 22.07%. Furthermore, big data analysis is projected to become worth around $68.03 billion by 2024. So, we can see very bright future healthcare trends in the upcoming years. 

2. IoMT (Internet of Medical Things)

It allows automation in the medical units, which boosts healthcare systems and services at the broad level. The technology allows hospitals, clinics, physicians, etc., to provide effective patient care to rural and far-flung areas. 

It is among the top healthcare trends that will bring innovation and integration for receiving timely and high-quality treatment at home. People get confused about IoMT and RPM solutions, but there is a significant difference between both of them. 

3. Artificial Intelligence In Healthcare Trends

AI has built a significant difference between patient care before the 20s and now. Chatbots, humanoids, machine learning, etc., have made healthcare more progressive and automated than ever before. AI has systematized the clinical workflows, documentation, and automated, reliable reporting for patients. There are many significant benefits of introducing AI in healthcare:

  • High-end reduction in clinical errors
  • Track to patient’s medication adherence 
  • Quality diagnostic accuracy
  • Improvised personal data security
  • Reliable monitoring of patient’s healthcare data
  • Sustainable quality of healthcare 
  • Automation in diagnostic reporting
  • Low-cost operational expenses

4. Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM)

RPM will be the future healthcare technological trend in 2022. It has come out as the top-notch solution for boosting healthcare in every corner of the world. Patient engagement, original reporting, fewer readmissions, and whatnot. Each of the functions is effectively implemented through remote patient monitoring. 

The solution is an excellent healthcare tool in 2022 for cutting downtime, cost and will help deliver high-quality healthcare. All of the functionality will be done without face-to-face contact with the patient. 

5. Virtual Reality In Healthcare

Virtual reality has revolutionized the healthcare industry by aiding patient recovery time and hospital management. It is being utilized for medical training sessions, treating patients, helping people with developmental disorders, error reduction, etc. 

The virtual reality market had skyrocketed to $12 billion in 2020 with a substantial annual growth rate of 54%. According to the estimation, the market valuation has reached $72.8 billion by 2024

6. Digital Therapeutics 

Digital Therapeutics is the essential element of digital health that involves technologies, products, and services utilized by healthcare and wellness industries. Digital Therapeutics term was coined in the year 2015 to conduct evidence-based treatments. It is used along with drugs and devices to improve patient care. 

The term is abbreviated as DTx, a program for monitoring blood sugar levels, medication regimen, diet, and workout to offer the doctor a precise image of the patient’s health. The process can light an individual’s daily chaos and lifestyle, helping advance treatment. 

7. Telemedicine 

Telemedicine and its sub-branch telehealth are significant trends various governments have adopted in many nations. During covid-19 and post-pandemic circumstances, it has proved to be the highly effective tool that has connected patients, future healthcare trends providers, clinicians with others. 

Furthermore, telemedicine is among the top trends in healthcare 2022, which has helped several nations fight pandemics and other infectious diseases. It has helped increase social distancing, effective patient care, fewer readmissions, and whatnot. 

8. mHealth

Mobile health applications were intuitive and will be the next trendsetter in healthcare. It provides access to personalized information, patient statistics, etc., through wearable or connected devices. It is a fantastic way of coordinating with the top consultants in the world. 

The solution is not restricted to boundaries and caste or creed. All you have to have is a smartphone with internet connectivity. Many physicians have increased their patient volumes by taking the help of the mHealth facilities. 

9. Cloud Computing 

Cloud computing is associated with the IT sector, but it has reached the healthcare industry at its full pace. It allows clinicians to deploy a compelling patient journey that supports tech-enabled care delivery through Telehealth and RPM solutions. 

Furthermore, the tool gives healthcare providers vast storage space to keep the data safe and secure. The cloud-storage features integrate many functionalities like network, security, billing, monitoring, and alerts. 

10. Genomics

Many healthcare experts & scientists have put their efforts into developing various genomic applications & tools these days. Combining genomic processes and knowledge in the existing clinical works would ensure the doctor performs sustainable communication and recommendations that only genomic tests can provide to patients. 

11. Blockchain

The security and traceability of blockchain establish the technology compatibility for multiple applications in the healthcare industry. The core functionality includes electronic medical records, remote patient monitoring, pharmaceutical supply chain, and health insurance claims. 

Moreover, the technology supports the management of EHRs and FHIRChain for transmitting clinical data. Blockchain technology is vital for establishing an intelligent contract, tracking drug counterfeiting, etc. 



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These were the details on the Top 11 Trending Technology Of Healthcare in 2022. People can rely on telehealth, mHealth, blockchain, RPM, etc., technologies to gain effective patient care. But as the advantage brings a few drawbacks. This trending technology will be fully released with time, and everybody has to wait until then. 

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