Top 12 Python Developer Skills You Must Need to Know

Top 12 Python Developer Skills You Must Need to Know

Python Developer Skills

Programming languages are a useful tool when building any application or website or software. There are myriad options when choosing a programming language but a few are the prominent ones. In the list of top programming languages, Python Developer skills are must in order to become a Python developer.

However, to utilize the python frameworks for web development, the developers must hold some skill-set. Today, the article targets some Top 12 Python Developer Skills anybody must hold before jumping to build an app. So, let’s not waste the time and read out the python skills required for a developer.

What Are the Top 12 Python Developer Skills?

Python language is a highly utilized language and you can many python developers. But, being a python developer isn’t enough. You need to have the required skill-set to make you distinguished among the other developers. So, here is a quick view of the skills need to be a python developer. 

Python Developer Skills

1. Expertise in Core Python

Before moving forward into a framework or a development environment, it is essential to initiate expertise in the core module of any programming language. The same clause is applicable to Python or any other programming language. You should target your senses towards grabbing a stronghold of myriad of basic concepts such as:

  • Variables & Data Types
  • Data Structure
  • Exception Handling
  • File Handling
  • Object-Oriented Programming
  • and more

If you are contemplating where to be, Python Frameworks for Mobile Development environment can be a suitable option for you.

2. Python Framework

Python frameworks are an ultimate boon for developers. They are the best source for building pace for the development process by removing the need to worry about unnecessary stuff such as sockets, protocols, or threads. There are multiple Python frameworks you can choose from, such as Django, Flask, Web2Py, and Bottle, to name a few.

Such frameworks can independently leverage ease to the lives of Python developers, once they developer got the hang of it. Basically, a python framework can make you rapidly develop an application prototype, as a framework can imperatively save you from the hassle of typing repeated code.



3. Python Libraries

One of the adorable things about Python is that maintains the largest collections of libraries. According to the Python Package Index, Python has around 267 thousand projects. Thus, there is a very high chance that whatever you’ve been to, can be found as readily available for use, with sufficient documentation.

An intelligent Python developer should be skilled enough to detect, learn, and execute properly the packages offered by the Python ecosystem. It will be utilized almost every day. These libraries bundle up an extensive range of domains, such as Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Data Science, and much more. 

4. Front-End Technology

You might be under a great misconception that being a Python developer, there would be working with backend technologies only. A Python developer often has to proceed with front-end technologies to make sure that the client-side matches the server-side. 

When it comes to a corporate environment, the entire process is driven by the UI/UX team, Project Managers, and SCRUM Masters for sustainable coordination of the workflow. Working on the front-end technologies gives you a precise picture of both the appearance and working of the application.

5. Machine Learning & AI

Industries like Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence have been evolving lately. The reason behind the situation is the magnifying rate of innovation and a similar rate of execution of the technology in the industry. As ML and AI are both highly accepted and demanded technologies, a Python developer should dig deeper into their foundational values and algorithms to get a precise understanding.

Data Science proficiency will also prove a curve while strategizing with projects dealing with large amounts of data. Once you upskill yourself to capture, analyze, visualize and predict information from the data, you’ll find it smooth in drafting a big picture to your stakeholders from your observations with any accompanying outliers.



6. Deep Learning

Once you have walked your fundamentals of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, the next milestone of your development journey should be Deep Learning. It is a segment of Machine Learning, and the learning phase. Deep learning provided techniques are much alike to those of our human brains. We have monitored, semi-monitored, and unmonitored learning.

Once you find out what Deep Learning is, you begin to utilize your new-found skills to develop Deep Learning-powered systems such as:

  • Recommendation Systems
  • Natural Language Processing
  • Image Recognition
  • Automatic Speech Recognition
  • Image Restoration
  • and much more

7. Familiarity with ORM Libraries

ORMs or Object-Relational Mappers are crucially a class of libraries that accommodates the migration of data from a relational database to Python objects. Developers can utilize these libraries to targetly change the data stored in their databases by using Python code in the place of SQL. SQLAlchemy, Peewee ORM, Django ORM, PonyORM, and Tortoise ORM are just some of the many ORM libraries available for Python.

8. Version Control

Any software development, whether on Python or any programming language, runs through myriads of alterations and versions during its development phases. Version controlling can aid you establish track of even the minute changes with complete traceability. This becomes highly crucial while working with collaborating with other developers on a project.

There are a few top version control tools such as Git, Mercurial, Apache Subversion, and others. Git is the most sought of them all. While learning version control, you will come around some popular terms like “commit”, “push”, “pull”, and “fork”, which are essentially what makes version control possible.



9. Understanding of Multi-Process Architecture

While constructing a web app, a Python developer must decide on an app-building structure or framework to distinguish the internal process of the application from the users. 

The current panel of developers can pick from using the Model View Controller structure or the Model View Template architecture. Although it is the duty of a Design Engineer, But, to be a Python developer, you also maintain a basic understanding of how your code will render in launch or deployment environments.

10. Communication Skills

Good verbal skills are the most prominent tool for not just a Python developer but for everyone in a professional or personal environment. Any individual with good & sharp communication skills binds the loopholes or confusion while communicating with others and rendering his/her message precisely.

As developers frequently perform pair programming with mate programmers, transparent interactions become the key element while coordinating on a project or reviewing code to stay on the same page. Moreover, good communication leads your team members to solve myriads of troubles and bring success to any organization.



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11. Analytical Skills 

Programming can be as tough as possible, But if you don’t have the well-versed analytical skills required for the job, it is definitely a nightmare for you. It is not just applicable to Python, but with any programming language should have a good grasp of analytical skills with extensive experience and a good understanding of the algorithms that drive things.

Among all skills, a good developer must be capable to write precise, non-redundant, and extremely optimized code with the right logic. Once you start doing this, you should be able to see your analysis skills improve as it is increasingly becoming relevant and important in industries such as Data Science, where you’re constantly processing, analyzing, and visualizing data.

12. Design Skills

Let us make it more transparent that we are not recommending to design skills here to the front-end design. By design skills, we mean to design highly scalable softwares or applications. Businesses today react to effectively design systems and solutions that can be used by everyone with as little downtime as possible.

To fulfill this scenario, you must be acquainted with the best development techniques and tools, for example, Django or Flask. Both of these frameworks can help build systems that can work efficiently at both the client-side and the server-side.


These were the top 12 python developer skills everybody must know before becoming one. Your skill-set defines your capability and earnings in the future. So, go through the skills given above once, before you commence your python developer journey with any software development company.

Sanjeev Agrawal

Sanjeev Agrawal

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