The Rise of Telenutrition -

The Rise of Telenutrition

Telehealth is the use of digital information and communication technology, such as computers and smart devices, to directly access health facilities, and to monitor health care. Telenutrition is a way to use a Skype-like network to hold a diet therapy session entirely over the phone. From the safety of your home, you can undergo a nutrition therapy session. There may be tools that you are using at home, or that the doctor is using to improve or promote health care. Examples of technology used in telehealth include live video conferencing, mobile health applications, automated “shop and send” communication, and direct patient tracking (RPM).

Telemedicine app development has started to transform the healthcare sector landscape and has demonstrated that creative technologies are in desperate need of our healthcare system. You can get medical advice through telemedicine services anytime, anywhere, without leaving the comfort of your home. Telemedicine service providers can give you better treatment.

What is Telenutrition?

Telenutrition is a way to use a Skype-like network to hold a diet therapy session entirely over the phone. From the safety of your home, you can undergo a nutrition therapy session. Telenutrition is the best choice for you if you live outside Warrenton, in remote areas or if you think this platform suits your lifestyle better.

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Telenutrition includes the direct use of electronic information and networking technology by an RDN (Registered Dietitian Nutritionists) to enforce the Nutrition Treatment Procedure for patients or consumers at a remote venue, according to their state authorization if appropriate.

Although the Telehealth guidelines and regulations are still in progress, Telenutrition continues to be seen as an expanding trend. The advantage Telenutrition brings to both patients and caregivers is obvious, and takes us one step closer to enhancing our patient care.

How to Use Telenutrition for Additional Income?

Remember that volume is key

In telemedicine, the only way to make money is to make productive use of your resources. This means ensuring a steady number of patients is vital to your performance. Because most telemedicine providers pay for each appointment, rare patients mean you sit idly at your desk without getting paid. Such businesses will maintain a minimum hourly rate in case the number of patients is limited. Make sure to inquire about the amount while researching possibilities in telemedicine.

Create a virtual support group via video and chat

Help networks can be an extremely effective way to deliver additional support for a wider number of people, at a reasonable cost. Getting the support and feedback from their colleagues will make many clients more inspired to work on their objectives. The administrative expense of locating and hiring rooms in person may be an obstacle to dietary activities. Many clients may be interested in extra help, but it just doesn’t fit their schedules to have the time to turn to another in-person session. Digital community networks also provide convenience for members and consumers and save on overhead rates, making them more accessible to passengers.

With a larger number of clients and little costs, diet suppliers will routinely run discussion groups and raise extra money for their clinical practice.

Offer extended hours or after-hours services, from home

Extending the working hours is a reasonable way to raise sales and retain customers but it is not always possible. You could be getting the best of all worlds with telehealth.

Try replacing after-hours calls with telehealth services, or delivering home appointments on-demand after-hours. You will be able to expand service and monetize afternoons – all without late opening up the practice.

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Host group webinars for a fee

It is an effective way to raise revenue from your practice to take the health ideas you sends to particular clients to meet an audience. Many fitness providers can offer free webinars to create an email list and develop a presence online. If the content is curated and informational or tailored for other professionals, it may be a way to offer useful knowledge for a customer by charging a price. Market your webinar to potential customers or use it to put new experiences into your diet practice.

The Future of Nutrition Care

Telehealth education on diabetes has also been studied extensively, especially in rural communities. A randomized clinical study evaluated a 1-year diabetes treatment regimen administered by a dietitian and nurse / certified diabetes instructor, which reported increased metabolic function which decreased cardiovascular risk relative to routine care. Another research performed in remote Type 1 diabetic veterans showed that telehealth specialist diabetes services resulted in stable and efficient management, strong rates of attendance at appointments, and high patient satisfaction.

Registered dietitians are increasingly qualified to offer treatment in a virtual environment, particularly when it comes to nutrition education and counselling. When the body of research expands and coverage for telehealth services tends to increase, it is possible that ‘zooming’ with your Registered Dietitian would become the new standard.

4 Things to Consider before Implementing Telenutrition

Telenutrition makes it easier for dietitians than ever to develop clinical relationships with clients to allow improved results in treatment. If you are a dietitian contemplating telenutrition to expand your practice exponentially, there are a few specifics you need to remember before you open your virtual door.


You must use a website compatible with HIPAA Security Rule to ensure the privacy of patients is secured. Common telehealth methods such as Facetime, Skype, text messaging, and many more are not compatible with HIPAA and could make private health information vulnerable to clients.


You have to get licenses from the Authority. The client’s location is called the “place of operation” when using telehealth, which is where you, as the operator, would provide the appropriate licensure. If you choose to work across state lines, you must first review the health treatment laws of the state to ensure that you meet the treatment standards.


To guarantee that you are safe within state borders, consult with your liability insurance.


Lastly, if the practice is depending on insurance reimbursement, check that they pay for telehealth providers through the in-network insurance firms. Currently, 30 states have enacted parity regulations forcing private insurance providers to have the same benefits with telehealth facilities for an appointment in-office. If more insurance providers are extending their diet treatment coverage, more telehealth facilities are projected to also be provided.

Last words…

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