How Telemedicine Become Beneficial For Dermatologists?

How Telemedicine Become Beneficial For Dermatologists?

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Advancements in technology are revolutionizing all industries globally. One such industry experiencing a major transformation is the healthcare industry, especially the field of dermatology. In the past few years, telemedicine has evolved as a transformative tool for dermatologists, making specialized skin care accessible to all. Telemedicine or telehealth dermatology is known for providing varied benefits, efficient healthcare solutions, and great convenience. If you are eager to know about telemedicine in the field of dermatology and how it is becoming beneficial, we have got you covered. This article is a complete guide on the role of telemedicine and its benefits. So, without any delay, here we go! 

Role of Telemedicine for Dermatologists: A Complete Overview

Telemedicine technology plays a significant role in modern dermatology as it leverages telecommunication technology. It promotes remote medical diagnosis and analyzes symptoms. Further, it conducts detailed consultations, and plans tailored treatments. Telehealth dermatologists offer patients high-quality care, regardless of geographical location using dermatology telemedicine systems.

Dermatologists conduct virtual consultations, promising timely diagnoses to recommend customized treatment plans. Such technology is extremely used in rural and underserved areas with a lack of quality services. Additionally, it eliminates the need to travel, saving expenses. Telemedicine technology also promotes continuous follow-ups and ongoing support.

Benefits of Telemedicine to Dermatologists

  • Convenient and Accessible
    It is more convenient as it solves the mobility issue as well as it is free from time and geographical barriers. Many dermatologists are opting for telemedicine as it offers patients 24/7 access to medical care. It has made the healthcare delivery model more convenient for patients.
  • Increased Reach to Consult from Specialists
    For a person located in remote or small areas where the reach to dermatologists is limited, telemedicine increases there area of choice. For example, a person living in Shimla can consult a dermatologist living in Kerala with the help of telemedicine software.
  • Better Quality Patient Care
    Telemedicine makes it easier for patients and doctors to follow up with each other. Patients’ queries are responded to when called upon. It is quick and reliable access to quality healthcare.
  • Discounted Treatment Costs
    Dermatology Telemedicine systems help to reduce treatment costs for both dermatologists and their patients. It reduces the cost of traveling as patients can be treated remotely. It also saves the time of both the persons concerned.
  • Increased Patient Engagement
    When your patients are engaged in their healthcare routine it encourages them to opt for healthy lifestyle choices. Patients can get themselves engaged with telemedicine and can schedule appointments, check their current treatment position, health improvements, etc.
  • Competitive Advantage
    There are vast numbers of dermatologists out there in the market. But for patients to choose you, you need to differentiate yourself from other dermatologists. You can get yourself assimilated with the latest technology like telemedicine. With telemedicine, you can increase your reach among patients, both physically and digitally. It leads to more flexibility, and convenience and creates a win-win situation for both the patient and doctor.
  • Complete Privacy
    Since telemedicine app development promotes offering quality healthcare services remotely, there is no chance of privacy exploitation. Patients no longer have to travel to the dermatologist’s clinic. Whereas, they will provide at-home consultation services, ensuring patients remain comfortable throughout the process.
  • Efficient Consultation
    Through telemedicine platforms, dermatologists can understand the patient’s cases, making it easier to optimize appointment scheduling by prioritizing urgent cases. This flexibility eliminates the need to take some time off from work and travel all the way to the doctor’s clinic, ultimately resulting in increased patient satisfaction.
  • Improved Collaboration
    Telemedicine promotes a seamless collaboration between dermatologists and different doctors, regardless of their geographical location. These skin experts can easily connect and take advice from their seniors. Further, they can discuss complex cases and find solutions before suggesting a tailored treatment plan. 

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Future of Teledermatology

The future of telemedicine technology in dermatology seems extremely promising as it holds great advancements that will completely revolutionize clinical practice and patient care. Integrating artificial intelligence and machine learning in telemedicine technology will make it easier for dermatologists to determine underlying skin problems. 

Further, they can recommend a tailored plan without meeting the patient in person. Additionally, the development of wearable devices featuring dermatological sensors promotes the early detection of abnormalities. All these advancements will promote early detection of skin conditions and improve patient outcomes. Telemedicine app development company provides high-quality software.

What Services Teledermatology Offer

You must be wondering what services must be provided by teledermatology; Well it can be used for a wide variety of health services. Teledermatology services can range widely by specialty.

Below is a list of common conditions a primary care doctor may treat via telemedicine:

  • Vitiligo
  • Acne
  • Dermatitis and eczema
  • Fungal Infections
  • Hair Disorders
  • Nail Problems
  • Psoriasis
  • Rosacea
  • Warts

How Does Telemedicine Work for Dermatologists?

Telemedicine for dermatologists works similarly to traditional appointments. However, the only difference is that all consultations are conducted remotely. On the telemedicine software, patients can schedule an appointment with their preferred dermatologist and conduct a consultation through video calls. 

During the consultation, the patient explains their symptoms. Further, a dermatologist assesses the condition and prepares a comprehensive treatment plan. Although certain skin conditions require in-person meetings, most skin problems can be treated through telemedicine software. Further, patients can get continuous follow-ups through the telemedicine platform.

Is Telemedicine Successful for Dermatologists?

According to a study by the American Academy of Dermatology’s recent annual meeting, it was reported that patients visiting dermatologists through telemedicine are supposed to receive the same or to some extent better treatment than visiting a doctor’s office physically.

Because of teledermatology, people are getting regular access to a dermatologist and they are becoming more concerned about their health. There are various telemedicine software designed to meet different requirements such as real-time telemedicine (for live video conferencing), remote patient monitoring (for tracking patient’s vital data from a distance), “Store-and-Forward” Practices (for sharing reports and other information). Through this telemedicine software, it is meeting everyone’s requirements and is welcomed by dermatologists.

DreamSoft4u is proud to introduce its application “VCDoctor” which is specially designed for the dermatologist to cater to the needs of public health support and medical care using mobile phones and other wireless technology.

VCDoctor is a Telemedicine Application where patients can do video conference, book appointments, get treatment by having a video conference with you the cherry on the top is that the medicines will be sent directly patient’s address.

Following are the facilities you can get with VCDoctor:

  • Photos of the affected area: (Images (Close up photo, Body area, Overview ) Video (less than 1 MB) – around 15 to 20 maximum images
  • Prescriptions – with Print to PDF option
  • The doctor could able to see all images uploaded by the patient.
  • The doctor could send a Diagnosis report, prescription, and follow-up report to the patient against each store and forward requests.
  • Prescriptions are to be able to assigned to any of the pharmacies according to patient choice/patient location
  • Disease and epidemic outbreak tracking
  • Healthcare supply chain management
  • Remote data collection
  • Home-based remote patient monitoring
  • Healthcare worker telecommunication and training
  • Chronic disease management
  • SMS alerts
  • Emergency response systems

Isn’t it great that with this you can have a reach among patients who are sitting in any part of the world? This will save your time, effort and space.

This is an easy to use application.

Want to enroll yourself with VCDoctor then download the application from the Google Play Store and iOS Store.

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A dermatologist is a healthcare expert who handles your skin problems. Combining the telemedicine technology in dermatology will help patients save time and resources. Through telemedicine technology, patients can access quality medical services. Further, patients can easily connect with expert dermatologists. If you are on the hunt for the best telemedicine dermatology software developer for dermatology, get in touch with experts at DreamSoft4u.


Q1. Is your telemedicine app HIPAA compliant?

HIPAA compliance applies to USA-based healthcare services. So, our solutions follow the latest data standards (HL7 FHIR). All data within our platform is well protected using the latest encryptions and security standards. These meet HIPAA and other compliances such as GDPR, NABIDH, ABDM, etc. 

Q2. Is your telemedicine platform White-label?

Yes, our telemedicine app is fully white-label. You can use your own logo and brand elements to personalize the app. 

Q3. Can I customize the telehealth app?

Our app is customizable and has advanced features too. These features are available on demand. Plus, we can also customize the look and functionality of the app as per your needs. 

Q4. What other healthcare software solutions do you offer?

We can build a complete range of daily-use healthcare apps (consumer and business-centric). In addition to telemedicine, we offer wearable app development, EHR development, payroll management, mHealth apps,  and other healthcare software development services

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