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Alexia Telemed

Another milestone in the telehealth solutions for healthcare is Alexia Telemed. It is an advancement in the EHR application system. For people who don’t want to step out or want to avoid traveling, then Alexia Telemed is the right approach. It offers high-definition video conferencing, a safe EMR suite with an appointment scheduler, a billing system, and others. The telehealth solution is also 100% HIPAA Compliant.
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Our Offering in Alexia Telemed Services

DreamSoft4u RPMS is serving for the last 15+ years in the Healthcare IT segment. We offer automated testing of software developed, C# or Microsoft Biztalk language for better functionality, SQL server to keep your data secure. Our best practices revolve around deeper insight into a medical state, effective care plans, and easy conversation among patients & physicians. Following is what we offer in our RPM Solutions.

EMR/EHR/PHR Integration


Patient Charting


SOAP Notes


HIPAA Compliant Integration

What Features We Offer in Alexia Telemed Solution?

Alexia Telemed is an advanced solution that offers robust telemedicine solutions to users. However, there are a few characteristics that come hand-in-hand when availing of alexia telemed service.

Secure Registration & Login

Complete User Profiling

Online Appointment Booking & Schedule Management

Patient Intake Forms & Complete Medical Profile

Visit Calendar

Real-Time Communication



Advance Appointment Scheduling

24*7 Technical Support

Let Us Share Our Expertise in Alexia Telemed Services

Our expertise lies in our development and integration of HIPAA-compliant telemedicine solutions. We are leading our ways to provide sound telehealth solutions that give businesses the highest reach and potential client needs.
  • 100% Web-Based Native Software
  • Profit Control
  • Management of Information
  • Approach to New Clients & Customers
  • Decreased Labor Costs
  • Capitalizing On a Veritable Window
  • Secure
  • Scalable
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Why Should You Associate With Us for Alexia Telemed Solution?

Dreamsoft4u is the acclaimed telemedicine solution provider in the healthcare industry. It serves globally and has gained immense respect and popularity. We try our level best to deliver 100% client satisfaction and whatever support our client needs.

Scalable Integration


Portability with Any Device


Huge Work Experience


Cost-Effective Integration


Best Team of Developers


Professional Working Environment


Education on Each Aspect


Pre-Sales Support

With the growing technological aspect, the EHR system has become advanced. It now has the alexia telemed facility, which triggers remote health majorly. People can enjoy getting the best treatment plan and other benefits given below:
  • Best Medication
  • Admin Control
  • Sustainable Working Among Team members
  • Employee Effectiveness
  • Recognition in Remote Areas
  • Improvised Technology
  • Easy to Handle Software
The process of developing or integrating alexia telemed solution never puts a burden on the client’s pocket. On the contrary, it is affordable in every manner. So here are the expected benefits one can enjoy with alexia telemed solutions:
  • Not Extravagant Tool
  • Proven skills to make cost-cutting
  • Booking is least chargeable
  • No Travelling Allowances
  • Links for Affordable medicines
  • Best Deals
  • Great Offers & Discounts on Medical Kit
The alexia telemed service comes with on-demand options. These are highly scalable, secure, and can convert your wishes into the most satisfactory outcomes. In addition, on-demand options in alexia development come with high-class customization options like:
  • New & Readymade Solution
  • Full & Partial Customization
  • After Sales Customization
  • User-centric Modification
  • Integration with third-party apps
  • Easy Deployment
  • Great Functioning

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“Overall, I thought DreamSoft4u software services were excellent. They worked around my schedule in order to get the job done. The work they did was great, they were cordial, professional, and I am looking to hire them for future work. ”

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