Wearable Applications and Devices for Telemedicine


Telemedicine refers to the process of remotely caring for patients where both the doctor and patient are not physically present. New technology has allowed doctors to treat patients using videoconferencing devices that are consistent with HIPAA. Telemedicine is on top in today’s world. Telemedicine can become more successful by merging the wearable devices.

Telemedicine is a tool that makes healthcare more accessible, cost-effective, and that increases patient engagement – is telemedicine.

Wearable App devices can be groundbreaking solutions for issues with health care. Wearable apps are everywhere and they appear to be here to stay. Wearable devices provide continuous monitoring and ubiquitous treatment. Wearable health devices are one of the hottest trends in technology.

To impact the change in the healthcare sectors, wearable devices are taking the place at a big level.

Widespread adoption of wearable devices, telemedicine has increased the growth rate of their respective markets.

We can say that wearable devices are not intended to replace healthcare provider’s services, but to provide them with valuable medical data for better diagnoses and treatment plans, as well as to reduce inefficiencies and waste in the healthcare system.

Types of Wearable Devices for Telemedicine

A wearable device mostly has of one or more biosensors that monitor various physiological data for disease prevention and early diagnosis. Here are some of the wearable devices which can help the people in the near future:

Smart Glove

Smart wearable gloves are low-cost wired interactive gloves that can be used as a translator by hearing and speech impaired people. Smart gloves use the theoretical analysis of the components to identify the input data for the extraction of the function in real-time.

The key downside of smart gloves is the poor precision reading of analog values from the flex sensor. It collects information about the most important components they incorporate and analyses their features considering that they are devices aimed to be worn on the body. The smart glove which can track exercises if there is a direct contact between the hands of the athlete and the workout environment.

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Fever Scout

Fever Scout continuously monitors body temperature even during sleep and be notified on mobile devices wirelessly.  Fever Scout is reusable and rechargeable constantly monitors the temperature of the body and it includes a wireless charging dock (3 AAA batteries).

Fitness Socks

In the near future, garments and parts of clothing worn every day should be fitted with a sensor. This can offer greater perspectives than smaller trackers would by making contact with a larger amount of one’s body, allowing improved monitoring for both medical treatment and lifestyle enhancements. These smart socks are wearable devices allowed by smart-fabric for health and fitness which can improve speed, rhythm, cadence, and foot landing.

Glucose Watch Tracker

Glucose Watch is a wearable tracker that is equipped with a revolutionary biosensor. Glucose monitors are becoming more and more popular among diabetic people who can track their glucose levels 24/7Glucose effortlessly and painlessly in just a matter of seconds when in contact with the skin.

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Nowadays, diabetes is rapidly increasing causing blindness, kidney failure, heart disease, stroke, lower limb amputation. The glucose watch helps diabetics to self-monitor their glucose levels without the need for invasive blood-based tests to manage the risk of diabetes. Glucose watch needs no calibration, only a simple watch-press gesture to show the amount of glucose on the screen.


Bracelets are used to detect the very beginning of the fertile window by providing week-by-week content on the evolving body and the baby in real-time. It monitors your daily amount of exercise and your general health including measuring heart rate, sleep, calories, steps distance, and sedentary reminder.

It also has safety impacts with apps such as symptom monitoring, pattern analysis, graphs, and more. The study of the pattern helps to see how the menstrual cycle influences the way through the month.

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As in the world today, there are many wearable tools available to aid and assist by offering solutions to human health problems. Since there are plenty of wearable technologies yet to be identified to support the healthcare sectors, the businesses will never put an end to further improving the technology. Such wearable tools can help you know the body’s condition and at the same time, uncomfortable blood tests and standing you fill in the form are no longer required to know the health conditions of the patient. We can say that these appliances measure such metrics as distance walked or run, calorie consumption, heart rate and quality of sleep, etc.

Last words

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