Telehealth during the COVID-19 Outbreak

During a time when social isolation is one of the main strategies used to counter the COVID-19 pandemic, telehealth is becoming a key tool for secure and efficient communication. The World Health Organization (WHO) listed telemedicine among the critical services in “reinforcing the response of the health systems to COVID-19”. According to a recent WHO regulation, within the maximizing service delivery action telemedicine will be one of the alternative models for health care and health decision support. Telehealth has many benefits, including keeping patients protected from potential coronavirus infection that causes COVID-19, increasing access to treatment, lowering healthcare costs, and leading to a greener world by cutting down on car travel to see doctors at their offices. It also offers its type of personal and lighthearted or even heart-warming connections. Read Also: A Guide To Telehealth Companies In The COVID-19 Outbreak Telehealth will directly affect flattening the demand curve on health systems around the world, reducing delivery and spreading the occurrence over a longer period. Almost all telehealth providers have already faced a tsunami of demand, which may be better described as global real-time piloting and go live. Currently, COVID-19 only has one solution-stay home, stay safe. In such a situation, it is still not possible to give amiss to urgent situations like going for a doctor’s visit. The solution to that right now is telemedicine. Telehealth technologies have changed the health-care services environment. This is gradually moulding the way patients access healthcare services. Doctors are switch rapidly on to virtual consultations to be available all the time for their patients As reports say, telehealth services area could able to save India more than five billion, which could be further used for the advancement of health infrastructure. Statistically, the software has managed to reach approximately 17% of the Indian population and the rest is likely to be using it soon. Telemedicine software solution continues to be a tool of great advantage to people who do not have easy access to health care services due to remote locations or very high costs of hospital visits Telehealth companies have greatly reduced the amount of time or money a patient has to spend on paying a visit to the doctor. Parking costs, traffic jams or fuel, patients don’t need to spend on these anymore as the consultation can be availed online. Read Also: Benefits And Limitations Of Telemedicine Application During COVID-19 You do not have to worry about submitting the application for leave or postponing an important meeting at the workplace just because a doctor’s visit is next on your agenda. From the comfort of your house, you can use telemedicine facilities and eliminate the risk of having a new infection because you were in a waiting room in a hospital or somewhere else.


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