Pros and Cons of Freelancing and Software Company


Deciding on who can help carry the dream to fruition is not always an easy decision. Every project is different, so there is no one-size-fits-all response as to whether the “better” option is freelancers or software production firms.

There is always a lack of awareness of each option’s pros and cons, so here we look into the pros and cons of hiring both a freelancer and a web production firm to help you make a more educated decision and recruit the individuals you actually need for your project.

Pros of Freelancing

Some pros of freelancer are given below:

•  Price

It’s one of the most noticeable perks. Compared to a squad, it is apparent that you pay less than one guy. Freelancers don’t have to share with anyone else their wages. Usually, businesses bill around 25 percent higher hourly rates. It can be illustrated by the fact that corporations have non-developer employees, but individuals include sales management, advertisers, and so on. These workers do not write code, which suggests that they do not actually make money, but their role is to draw more clients to a business. You should apply leasing and promotional charges to these expenses, too.

• Flexibility

Freelancers do not agree with standard operating hours and have the versatility to satisfy consumer expectations. Customers can easily locate freelancers on online sites.

• Experts in Specific Area

Freelance programmers are also former big business workers. They are extremely skilled and have a good history. In a geographical region, these people have excellent freelance skills to carry out professional tasks individually.

Cons of Freelancing

Some Cons of freelancer are given below:

• Security issue

One of the main challenges with contracting work to freelancers is that it loses legitimacy and security because the customer does not sign an official promise to finish the job. There are also some causes and variables that can lead freelancers to leave in the middle of the project. And because they are by no means bound to you, you cannot force them to continue and finish the work they have begun.

• Organizational Difficulties

Freelance developers can frequently forget deadlines, ask for extra working hours, or misinterpret the original objectives. This would undoubtedly add to errors in creating the product. Your freelancer is sure to have many buyers after all.

It is, however, easier to set targets, not until the very last day.

• Planning

You should be confident that everything will go according to the defined timeline when you hire a software company. It is not often practical for freelancers to coordinate the work process and reach deadlines, resulting in major improvements in the execution of the final edition of the project.

Pros of Software Development Company

Some pros of Software Development Company are given below:

• Coordinated work

It means you’re going to have fewer headaches and worries about dealing with a company. Especially if you hate administration. But don’t presume that you’re recruiting an agency; you get less touch with the members of the squad. You’re going to get the ability to connect and change everything things you’re not pleased about. But since a project manager can tackle them, you won’t need to deal with any small incident. There are more ways for this working model to reach targets.

• Improved skills and technologies

Agencies often react to the new developments in order to stay stagnant with the rivals and introduce them to the project. Companies are still seeking to adapt and welcome emerging technology. They are aware of the new technology, the trend in the initiative that they are interested in.

•  Clear Deadline

You receive improvement updates regularly (daily/monthly, depending on the accepted conditions).

You will track the updates throughout the construction process, email the project manager and ask for the necessary refinements.

Good software development companies are extremely sensitive to all the negotiated deadlines, taking control of their credibility.

Cons of Software Development Company

Some cons of Software Development Company are given below:

•  Development pace

Speedy development facilities are not offered by custom software development companies. The entire process can be strangled by internal systems and correspondence. While such a business can yield better outcomes, the production can take longer to complete.

• Legal obligations

You are definitely more comfortable with a software development company than with a freelancer when he/she is more accountable and depending on salaries. However, if things are not working out, it is even difficult to fire an employee, because you have to take care of a severance payment, compliance disputes, etc.

• The problem of choice

Lots of companies offer the same services. Most significantly, you might end up choosing the wrong one if you lack proper information. Look at testimonials and client feedback, though. Also, take a look at the company’s products produced earlier. In addition, search which business has already produced a product close to the one you need. These metrics, together, will help you to choose the right one.


To review, here are the key differences between hiring a freelancer and working with a software development company:

Freelancers Software Development Companies
Best for specific small tasks Best for big project/ startups
Lower cost Higher cost  
May disappear without finishing work  Cannot disappear
One-time association   Long-term association  
Confidentiality concerns Fewer confidentiality concerns and legal issues
No longer support after delivery of project Constant updates and support
Skilled in one specific area

Skilled in many different areas



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