How to Convert Your E-Commerce Store into M-Commerce App

The exponential growth in the use of electronic devices such as smartphones and tablets is giving the m-commerce (electronic-commerce) industry a big boost. The continuing developments in technology that make mobile processes transparent and foster shopping behavior also lead to the development of the m-commerce industry. In 2019, global m-commerce sales will amount to $639 billion, up from $459.38 in 2018, according to Statista. This growth is immense. Another study indicates that, during the projected period (2019-2024), this demand will expand at a CAGR of 27 per cent. Some of the reasons why people choose mobile commerce apps are ease-of-use, fast delivery, and high security. E-Commerce web development is here to remain. But, it is useful for you to come up with a feature-rich m-commerce app along with a seamlessly-running E-commerce application. E-commerce applications provide a more customized shopping experience, particularly when you compare goods and prices to save time while avoiding travel.

Main differences between e-commerce and m-commerce

There are also glaring gaps, including the fact that e-commerce and m-commerce have identical aims of purchasing and selling with the help of the internet. Let’s take a look at them:


  • E-commerce refers to the purchasing and distribution of goods and services using an electronic system, such as the internet.
  • An older concept is e-commerce than m-commerce.
  • Due to the non-portability of devices, the location tracking functionality of e-commerce is limited.
  • Safety is an integral aspect of any e-commerce credit card payment process that takes place on the internet. In terms of information protection and secrecy, Americans are really interested. And that’s an e-commerce challenge.
  • The creation of a web store and the use of the internet is less expensive.
  • As for the user interface and its features, it’s very complex.
  • e-commerce business models are B2B,B2C,C2B,C2C
  • E-commerce Connectivity is lower.


  • M-commerce refers to the process of purchasing and selling goods and services through wireless handheld devices or cellphones using internet / cellular data.
  • M-commerce was originally built on the e-commerce axis, so m-commerce can be considered to be part of e-commerce.
  • With the assistance of GPS technologies, wifi, and so on, M-commerce can track and identify user locations.
  • Mobile commerce’s protection features are a little more comprehensive. M-commerce can also offer biometric authentication (via retina scans, face ID, or fingerprints) in addition to regular security measures such as two-factor authentication and multi-level authentication present in e-commerce.
  • M-commerce connectivity is greater due to the larger number of mobile users.
  • It is simple, as all functions have been streamlined.
  • The mobile app development and the use of wireless data are more costly.
  • M-commerce involves many things such as shopping, purchasing, selling, trading, booking, paying, and many others.

Turning e-commerce website into an m-commerce app

It’s an expensive job to create an m-commerce app from scratch, especially if you’re a small company or start-up. There is, though, an alternative concept for doing so. For app development, you can use the current website resources. This would decrease prices and require less time to hit the market.

How to convert your e-commerce website into an app for m-commerce:

1.     Platform Identification

If you are struggling on the internet, then you can find the platforms available on the market to create websites. It is important to determine the correct framework when it comes to developing an app from a website built from one of these platforms. So, for the best application creation, aim to find the right application development framework.

2.     Compatible Look & feel

It would be a great move if we provided an easy look through the whole landscape of mobile apps and websites as we are expanding on the existing e-commerce websites for which consumers are very familiar. Because of this, hanging on to this look and feeling all over the board is critical. For branding, a clear look is often expected. The view of the app, each time and back, should mirror the website.

3.     Finalize main features

You have to decide on the main aspects of the app before going into the development process. Mobile apps, for example, can provide roles such as easy registration and approval, push notifications, order tracking, payment methods, and customer service, Collection, and categories.

4.     API Development

There is no requirement for a closed system to develop a mobile app. Within an app, data sharing with a database takes place with the aid of the Application Programming Interface, short API.  To sustain the e-commerce database into m-commerce, the API developer needs to create several APIs.

5.     Integrate APIs with app

You have to fully combine the APIs with the app to make the app run efficiently. There may be static and dynamic information on your website and application that the APIs can retrieve. Proper API integration would mean that whether you make improvements to sensitive details on your website or app, all channels will then adapt accordingly. For instance, on the internet, you are reducing the price of a product, it should also be changed on the application. The integration of APIs will do so. Therefore, whether they visit the app or the web, consumers would see the same price.

6.     Testing

It is essential to test the app before its release to proofread its features. The QA team, namely, the Quality Analysis team, will test different criteria of the app to assess the performance of the app. Not only can the quality analysis be carried out from a technical point of view, but it is often performed in consideration of the user-friendly nature of the app. Testing is important to ensure the m-commerce app runs efficiently and effortlessly.

7.     Launching and promoting

Launching the m-commerce app is the final step. You can launch it independently or through app stores until your app is ready for the market. Here, launching via the Google Play Store or Apple App Store is safer because it gives the app a decent shot to meet a large global audience.

Last words…

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