How 5G will transform Healthcare Industry


Patients get frustrated when they have to wait in the waiting room for a long time to see the doctor and they lose their patience because they wasted their time and also waste their money traveling to visit the doctor’s office.

And also for people, who live in rural areas, with doctors located many miles away, traveling while ill will be challenging and time-consuming. With the help of telehealth and remote patient monitoring, patients can get treatment while sitting in the home.

It is anticipated that the aging population will increase demand for innovative solutions like mHealth solutions and home health care, which need good connectivity of the internet, fifth-generation (5G) is the solution for that. The impact of the fifth-generation (5G) network is much better than previous network generations.

What is 5G?

The fifth-generation (5G) is the mobile network of 5th generation. The fifth-generation (5G) is the super-fast internet connection that will improve the network connection dramatically. 5G makes the healthcare system more flexible and efficient which would help doctors to serve their patients better by giving them speed and power.

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5G is expected to bring in improvements in different industries with quicker downloads and uploads along with broader coverage. 5G will change our current health-care situation if used smartly. With the use of 5G, you will have a quicker, more reliable, and more efficient connection with new services and experiences right around the corner.

5G has the ability to improve the delivery of health care by rising pace and efficiency while reducing latency. However, massive quantities of data can be transmitted over a 5G network in a few seconds or less.

Benefits of 5G

5G is projected to bring three main benefits:

  • Faster speed: With 5 G, data transmission speeds are estimated to be about 12 times higher as compared to 4G, Which means photographs and videos are transmitted significantly faster. With 4G / LTE, it might take around 10-12 minutes to download a high-definition movie. It will take less than a second with 5G.
  • Shorter delays: Although it’s not always noticeable, there’s often a brief lag in time from when data is sent to when it gets. 5 G should reduce this so-called latency, enabling, for example, high-speed, virtual reality video to be viewed without delays or failures.
  • Increased connectivity: Cell towers equipped with 5 G technology would have much greater capacity than 4G / LTE. This means more people should be able to communicate at the same time — and more devices.
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5G and Healthcare

Healthcare systems with 5G will allow mobile networks to manage telemedicine appointments, which will significantly expand the program’s scope. 5G improves patient access through remote care. 5G opens up completely new horizons for telehealth, a technology that enables patients to remotely communicate with doctors and other healthcare professionals, connecting through live video or chat and gather real-time data.

5G would improve many existing use cases while introducing new ones unfulfilled with current technology, such as remotely performed patient assessments and even surgery. 5G technology can help to transform antiquated hospital healthcare networks into smart hospitals where digital healthcare facilities can be delivered to patients worldwide.

Surgical robots are heavy and big of today as they need great computing power for process graphics, vision, and movement. In addition to enabling telesurgery, 5G technology could also enable smaller, nimbler surgical robots, which could greatly expand a remote surgeon’s capabilities.

Last words…

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