Health Information Exchange Benefits for Healthcare Industry


Health Information Exchange is basically real-time exchange of information which allows the healthcare providers to access patient information and securely share their details, electronically. This service is for meant for those healthcare providers who are not familiar with applications like Electronic Health Records (EHR). HIE helps healthcare providers in exchanging health information of patients so that they can take critical decisions and:

 Avoid medication error

  • Reduce duplicate testing
  • Reduce hospital visits

 Those medical service providers who are already faxing their patient details into their business process flow may be hesitant to shift to electronic health information exchange. Actually, there are various benefits of health information exchange irrespective of the means it is transferred. The electronic form of exchanging patient health information not only standardizes the patient information but also streamlines the transfer process to improve the patient care.

 Mainly, there are the three form of Health Information Exchange: –

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Direct Exchange: –

Direct exchange allows healthcare providers to securely share their health information directly to other service providers. This service provides enables them to send and accept the patient details electronically between the healthcare providers to improve the healthcare of patient. This service also allows healthcare providers to exchange their patient information over the internet quickly and securely.


Consumer Medicated Exchange: –

Consumer medicated exchange allows patients to access their healthcare information and control it online in a similar manner they control their finance through online banking. This service also allows patient to take proactively participate in their own health information exchange by: –

 Identifying and correcting the incorrect billing information

  • Exchanging their health information to other healthcare providers
  • Identify and correct the missing information
  • Monitor and track their own health information

Query-Based Exchange: –

Query-based exchange allows healthcare providers to search and access the clinical resources of their patients. This service is generally used for delivering unplanned care.

All these forms of Health Information Exchange (HIE) are offered online by various healthcare information exchange service providers.

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