Future of Healthcare – Chronic Care Management

In America, Chronic Disease is a rapid growing disease. Every year many adults are diagnosed with one or more chronic disease. But fortunately, there are something are available that help us 8 out of 10 adults aged 50+ years ache from at least 1 chronic disease.
  • 3 out of 5 deaths every year are occurring due to chronic disease.
  • In 2012, 117 million adults ache from chronic disease.
  • Diabetes, Heart disease, and stroke are the most costly and common forms of chronic disease.
Number of adult’s age 18+ with one or more chronic disease  42% of adults who have chronic disease have one chronic disease
  • 30% have two, and
  • 25% have three or more.
Amount spent on chronic disease  Chronic diseases account for $7 out of every $10 dollar spent on health care.
  • Heart disease and stroke: $432 billion/year
  • Lung disease: $154 billion/year
  • Alzheimer’s: $148 billion/year
  • Diabetes: $174 billion/year
Private insurance spending is Inappropriately Concentrated Top 1% of members make up 25% of cost 50% of members with the least annual spending make up only 3% of cost Savings for healthcare providers by chronic management service:
  • Care coordination: 4 to 9
  • Case management: 2 to 7
  • Health promotion: 1 to 3
  • Disease management: 1 to 3


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