Digital transformation in healthcare industry by using Smart devices

In order to enhance the efficiency of healthcare system, Government and Obama care in partnership with the other developed countries gave a huge hike to the Healthcare IT sector.  With the introduction of Obama care in 2010, the focus was directed for the healthcare providers for adopting value-based care, which gives the outcome in the progression of EHR/EMR and other practice management software.  In 2013, this similar attempt has been made by the “Secretary of State for Health RT Hon Jeremy Hunt” of the NHS (UK) which motivates peoples to go paperless by 2018 with the objective to save the billions, to meet the need of aging population and enhance the services of the healthcare industry.

Healthcare IT

This step of shifting the ‘paper to electronic’ enhances the efficiency of the healthcare system and also provide the healthcare industry the power of big data analytics  directly supporting the healthcare providers to move the focus to their patients by adding more value in their way through providing astuteness in making clinical decision. This transformation happened to track the patient health data as well.

What about the people and population who have a risk of getting serious chronic illness? What about the data of the people collected through bio-metric measurements?  Healthcare providers need to be providing the preventive care and disease management among a rising number of chronic disease patient is covering a way to next digital revolution. It includes Direct to consumer healthcare IT, health data collection directly from the normal consumer using data collection devices for big data analytics.

In last few years, the segment of connected devices has rapidly flourished and these devices include fitness tracking wearable with other health-oriented consumer connected devices. These Health and fitness devices cover the major portion of wearable’s that targets the consumers. This segment is faster than other fitness trackers. Whereas, the fitness companies cover approx. 19% of whole wearable solution available and other health connected device covers only 21%.

Basically, fitness devices are used for preventive care, whereas other remote health devices are used in case of Chronic Disease Management, approx. 53% of health monitoring solution targets chronic diseases.  In the case of chronic diseases, solutions cover around 35% of health tracking data. Other than the chronic disease, healthcare It solution also target other demographic segments like Elderly care, baby monitoring, and women health.

Apart from these targeting diseases, there is other Healthcare IT Solution which supports the patients to maintain their health and problem.  This solution covers around 14% which includes smart devices etc.

These digital solutions cover mostly all kind of possible healthcare modulators like Diagnostics, health monitoring and therapeutics however if we particularly consider healthcare and fitness individually, then the activities in fitness is more than healthcare due to its diverse target group and low complexity. The overall growth of healthcare industry shown in this segment clearly indicates that fitness leads health.


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