Custom Software Development: Process, Benefits, Cost to Develop

Custom Software Development: Process, Benefits and Cost to Develop


The practice of contracting custom software development companies has remained every then and now. The industry is mushrooming at its fullest pace i.e. $136 billion at an estimated annual growth rate of 33%. With the thriving business possibilities, everybody wants to stand out from the herd of sheep for getting those actual eyes on their business. But how could this is done? Well, a precise understanding of custom software development is rudimentary here. Also, we are discussing the process, benefits and cost of custom software development.

The article is a guide to accompany your customization needs that are not being covered by the off-the-shelf software development services. So, let’s get started with the tenderness of the topic and its further possibilities. 

What Does Custom Software Development Mean? 

These three terms i.e. custom, software, and development interpret their sense on their own. So, its definition comes like “any mechanism that is built to be convertible or modified at any point in time, seeking the need of the user is termed as custom software development.” 

Many people in many other places called this mechanism bespoke software. Another term that belongs to this definition is tailor-made software. Both of the terms indicate the customization possibilities during the software building process.  

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Custom Software Development History:

There are no historical traits about the development of this technology. But yes, its existence has been around since the 90s when open-source software was on the sky-heights. With the rising consent of the people about features on their apps, customization for single users came into play. 

Yes, this software was and is meant to consummate the needs of the specific business. These are tailor-made (specifying features) suits that over-take the off-the-shelf software because of the re-creation and obtained functionalities. 

Why Custom Software Development is Important?

People do not want to set back their business and keep on adopting the new earning possibilities. Customization empowers them to let their idea fly in the sky of technology. It can be any functionality like the most popular one AI-Chatbots or AI-Based Health Care assistance.

But ever thought why it is so important? How customized software is ruling the IT stream? No! You should not be avoiding this;

  • More Productive Approach
  • Scaling Solutions
  • Cost-Effective Operation
  • Monetary Benefits
  • Freedom to Build & Buy

1. More Productive Approach 

Software being customized on the specific criterion produces high efficiency and productivity. Tempering in the existing suits for a specific cause helps in obtaining the desired outcomes. 

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2. Scaling Solutions

Custom Software Development brings sustainability & scalability to the business. With the growing digitization, developers have to seek for latest trends and emerging techniques to implement in the coming time. 

3. Operational Cost-Effective

Commercial software offers critical thought of being compatible with the existing app structure. If it’s not! The company has to spend their bucks to generate one. Hence custom software-made applications are affordable and are compatible with other platforms. 

4. Monetary Benefits 

Custom development of apps is beneficial with money-making. The entities who manufacture the customized apps can license them or sell them to the other audience. In this way, the people generate money from bespoke development. 

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5. Freedom to Build or Buy

The tailor-made software sets you free from the trouble of building or buying it. However, the software has both positive and negative aspects. This tailor-made software allows any user to avoid price hikes incurred in licensing and support. Simultaneously, in contrast to commercial software, a businessman can easily decide to build or buy any custom-made application. 

Hence, custom software development stands as a totally unique way of analyzing the business approach and putting forward the option to expand the business. 

Custom Software Development Process 

Custom Software Development Process

The details undergo the process of custom software development. A great piece of information for those, who are dreaming to have an app or a bespoke software development. So let’s get started:

Tailor-Made Software Development Process:

  • Preparing the Layout
  • Evaluation
  • Designing
  • Development
  • Execution
  • Testing
  • Support & Maintenance

1. Planning 

Firstly, a blueprint of the suit becomes ready. It combined the thought of the clients, developer’s consent, initial market conditions, etc. parameters. Once it is fully analyzed the blueprint turns into the layout of the software. 

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2. Evaluating the Efforts

Now the layout is being discussed with the fellow team. But in some cases where you hire a single developer, he/she analyzes this scenario on their own and starts producing the apps or software. 

The analysis or evaluation is contemplating the complexities of the process, involvement of the technology, etc. In this way, the initial kick-start is provided to the tailor-made software development.

3. Designing Interface

The tech giant Google himself focuses on the elegant UI/UX part of the apps or software. Any suit that is being built should flourish with the simplest design and easy navigation options. Custom software development companies allow such customization and the outcomes are as astonishing as possible.

4. Development of the Project

The construction of the project lies in the fulfillment of the above three sections. After a successful analysis of these steps, development begins. Either you hire a dedicated custom software developer or you give it to a company, seek professional help for your project development. 

5. Execution 

Now the developed apps are executed on their respective platforms. The iOS or Android App, the codes and the databases are deployed. These codes and databases are being then tested on various parameters.

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6. Testing the Software 

Now the next phase comes as the testing part of the software. Developers have developed the project with their commendable skills but the final touch to their development is done with the Testing team. 

They analyze the code, language, databases, buttons, etc. on the app or suit. If there exists a bug, then these are further notified to the developer team. 

7. Support & Maintenance

Once the bespoke software development testing is done, the final part is to deploy the app on their respective platform i.e. Apple Store & Play Store. The company then offers a post-sale service as the support and maintenance of the app. 

A 24*7 technical support is provided to the client for building reliability and custom retention on the app. 

How Much Does a Custom Software Development Cost?

Custom Software Development Company in the USA deploys professionals or experts on their projects. The charges of these dedicated developers or teams remain comparatively higher than others. 

But Custom Software Development Company in India is accompanied by professionals and you will get the best development done at very competitive prices. Here you will get an estimated review of cost of developing custom software. 

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Generally, the charges may be defined on an hourly or monthly basis. It may range you between $50,000 to $250,000 with all customization possible. 

A brief account is being taken as small app development happens around $50 to 75K. Medium-sized apps take around $75 to 200K and a fully-loaded app usually falls under the criterion ranging to $250K+. 

Custom Software Development has been around a while. The experts believe that this low-code development or tailor-made development will be reaching $27.23 billion by 2022. It means the annual growth of bespoke software development companies will be almost 45%. Hence tailor-made software development is what everybody seeks for their future business needs.   

Sanjeev Agrawal

Sanjeev Agrawal

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