Clinics are using Telemedicine and Online Diagnosis testing during COVID 19 Outbreak

As the number of infections caused by the spread of Coronavirus continues to grow worldwide, MedTech companies, healthcare organizations, and others are introducing onto the market apps and online tools that help people monitor the virus, search for symptoms and provide guidance on how to help avoid exposure or even provide testing methods that reduce exposure risk. Here’s just a rundown of some of the new services out there that will be updated to: Created by practising medical physicians and developed by Quick Pathway, the DocClocker app enables patients to obtain real-time waiting updates from their care providers, in principle to prevent the spread of the virus by enabling patients to avoid prolonged waiting in hospital waiting rooms, thus reduces the risk of infection. Blue Spark Technologies released TempTraq, a single-use, disposable temperature track in the form of a soft patch that monitors and records axillary temperature continuously and transmits real-time data for up to 72 hours wirelessly. Once placed on a patient, clinicians can remotely monitor temperatures with little-to-no direct contact, helping remove potential cross-contamination from shared temperature measurement devices. The COVID-19 Risk Index estimates populations and societies most vulnerable, developed by Minneapolis-based Carrot Health, most susceptible to the negative impacts of a coronavirus outbreak. The goal is to help inform public health and action at the national, regional and community level by recognizing who is most vulnerable. The outbreak tracking platform of Orion Health provides the opportunity to track and engage patients in their homes remotely, promoting contact between quarantined individuals and the healthcare service, as well as ensuring identification of those recently discharged. Over time, the platform will use artificial intelligence to enable providers to identify patients at risk of deterioration and improve treatment. TytoHomeland. This remote examination system built by Tyto Care allows patients who are quarantined in hospitals or isolated at home to conduct self-examinations of clinical quality and then link them to doctors who can evaluate symptoms from a safe distance. Orbita unveiled the latest Orbita COVID-19 Virtual Assistant, a chatbot that can provide easier access to the question-answering and screening resources related to coronavirus. Orbita makes the technology accessible to healthcare organizations at no cost to cope with the daunting complexities of the COVID-19 challenge, it states. Modernizing Medicine says its EHR customers will have access to its telemedicine network modified Telehealth, which is in real-time. The tool will help healthcare professionals treat current patients when it’s most needed during coronavirus spread. HealthCall is promoting the latest COVID-19 Telehealth Screening with the Biomedical Surveillance Software to help avoid regional crippling of 911 systems, and to allow paramedics to care for more patients in less time as the COVID-19 pandemic spreads.


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