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Test Automation increases the overall software efficiency and ensures robust software quality.  Automation helps in comparing actual and expected results. . With the inclusion of automation, there is a guaranteed focus on all areas of testing. It’s an easy job for any tester to debug, analyze, and execute the number of scripts through automation. With automation Perfect time management is possible and the project meets the deadline.


Time-savings: Large volumes of tests can be run in no time with automated testing. This expressively speeds up the deployment of new features, as well as overall project delivery time. This speed is achieved by powerful automation tools, high-quality scripts written by QA engineers.

Reusability: Scripts are reusable for future tests. In automated testing, the same tests can be run as many times as needed with the required alterations made.

The volume of Operation:  Automated cross-device and cross-browser testing will quickly check. Test automation also offers an amazing coverage of various test scenarios, so you know your site is prepared for any situation imaginable.

High accuracy and reliability: In manual testing, it is possible that a tester can miss a bug or forget a certain step. Test automation protects you from this by offering highly accurate results with no risk for human error.

Earlier Detection of Defects: An automated test can catch an early bug! The sooner it happens and the less impact the bug has already made, the cheaper it is to fix it.

Faster Feedback: Automated Testing comes as a relief for validation during various phases of a software project. This improves communication among coders, designers and product owners, and allows potential bugs to be immediately resolved.

Suite Building: Testers can build the suites and the functionalities required for the application with an ease with the help of test automation.

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 Money Saving: By itself, automated testing is more expensive than manual testing. However, a number of factors make it cost-efficient.

  1. once written, tests can be widely reused
  2. tests run autonomously 24/7 with no need for QA engineers’ hours
  3. testers need less time to understand their colleagues’ work
  4. multiple devices, browsers, and scenarios are covered easily
  5. bug fixes are cheaper at earlier stages
  6. reliable websites increase your profits


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