9 Ideas of Telemedicine Marketing Strategies to Engage New Customers

Telemedicine Marketing Strategies

Telemedicine apps does have the power to enhance that relationship — if we use it correctly. Virtual care and telehealth programs at hospitals and health systems around the world are becoming more common. Telemedicine is a method of taking healthcare directly to patients by engaging them on every digital platform in a virtual house call. The key issue marketers need to tackle is awareness. You can embark on dozens of steps, tactics, and activities to market your Healthcare software. Defining the target audience that will use your new service line for telemedicine is the initial step. Understanding patients’ needs, desires and expectations and then selling the product to satisfy those demands is the next step. Here are a few best Telemedicine Marketing Strategies to help you engage new customers.

#1 Notify your patients via email

If you have an email list and email portal, be sure to send a message about this new service to your patients and guide it to the new page describing it on your website. When your staff has the bandwidth, you can even consider calling them and leaving them with a voicemail letting them know that you are here for them at this time and now providing telemedicine marketing strategies should they have any needs. You may also consider notifying any close partners you have or doctors who frequently refer to you.

Target your content now that you’ve segmented your list and developed different travel analyzes, it’s time to adapt your communications and marketing strategies to your audience’s demands. Providers should ask themselves why they should prefer their telehealth service for these groups of people over those on the market. Targeting the content would help to build messages that resonate with each audience, and while it takes longer than sending generic marketing messages to everyone, it is worth it.

#2 Insurance Billing

Many medical clinics offering telemedicine services still have a physical address, but this is not always the case. As a result of advances in telehealth technology, some clinics have gone 100% remote.

If your telemedicine clinic needs to bill insurance, you will need some kind of physical address because insurers list doctors by their address. That can be done simply by renting out a virtual office room.


#3 Host Google Hangouts or Webinars

People tend to enjoy visual stimulation so you can offer a webinar or Google Hangout so prospects can interact in real-time. Live-feed techniques allow you to personalize the interaction and make a genuine connection with your leads. You can easily showcase your data with interesting visuals while also answering clients’ questions & concerns. Offer them a Q&A session once the presentation is over so that you can answer any lingering questions. Creating a two-sided dialogue is always more effective than other types of content. It allows both sides of the issue to voice their opinion and helps create a dialogue that promotes understanding

 #4 Promote these new services

 Don’t be afraid to advertise your business on telemedicine. Announce that your company is available to patients and prospective patients. Quite the success of the plan in making participation more meaningful and attractive. There are many ways to market the product, without violating HIPAA. For example, you can share patient “case stories” as examples of solutions for other people (such as homebound elderly people, busy moms, and travelling professionals) without giving names and disclosing personal information.

#5 Consider Google Search Ads

Search ads are some of the most effective ways to create demand for patients as they get you in front of patients as they check you out. You may be able to get in front of the right audience or type of person with certain types of advertisements, but at that point, you can’t guarantee that they will need or want your services.

Orthopaedic surgeons, for example, cannot approach people with knee pain on Facebook. But they definitely can approach people on Google Search who is searching for details about how to alleviate knee pain.


#6 Make telemedicine easy to access

You want to share your telemedicine story everywhere, just like every innovative program or initiative at your hospital.

Make sure it supports your telemedicine services on your website or mobile app. Include a call for action on your landing page for primary care to illustrate telemedicine marketing strategies for the whole family, or add it to your pediatrics page to reach busy parents.

It can be helpful to have a page outlining telemedicine versus urgent care versus emergency care. Your homepage will pay attention to telemedicine, which explains all of the different treatment choices.

If your telemedicine comes in an app that patients can download, advertise it in your waiting room with flyers and brochures to make sure that they don’t always need visits to emergency care clinics if they aren’t up to it.

 #7 Ask Existing Customers for insight

If you are getting ready to release a new product in your business or write an eBook, ask for customer feedback to improve the accuracy of your marketing strategies. Depending on the circumstances, getting your customers involved in the process can positively affect their loyalty to your brand. Once they see the finished product, they’ll be happy knowing that they were part of the process. It’s generally a good idea to host competitions like this, but you should make sure that there’s a reasonable reward for the winners. You could give out some items or offer discounts to the victors, but you should make sure to mention their names when posting about the event.

#8  Create Educational Content

Choosing the path we are familiar with is easier for our brains and bodies, even if the other path is faster, more convenient, and littered with far fewer obstacles. Help your patients choose telemedicine marketing strategies by creating upfront content that anticipates their concerns and doubts. That helps your patients build confidence and credibility.


#9 Promote on social media

Write on your social media pages about your new telemedicine service However, be mindful that promoting on social media can’t be the only tool for outreach. On a Facebook business page, the average post hits just 6.4 percent of all people who like the page.

Consider boosting your posts or engaging in ads on Facebook, Messenger, Instagram, Twitter, or wherever you are on social media. It will help you meet more of your audience on those channels, and reach out to new people in your community who don’t know your business.

Sharing stories on Facebook, Messenger, and Instagram to meet more people about your telemedicine service.


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