October 13, 2020 -

How Telemedicine Become Beneficial For Dermatologists


The field of teledermatology has faced drastic improvements in overtimes.  About twenty years ago it was started to reach patients in remote areas, but nowadays it is also used for convenient medical care. This expectation of more convenient care led to the rise of telehealth/telemedicine software development companies. Telemedicine owes its existence to various forms… Continue reading How Telemedicine Become Beneficial For Dermatologists

A Complete Guide on TeleDentistry


Telemedicine application has become the first solution to provide remote dental care. For more than 10 years, many dentists have used teledentistry to reach out to the most vulnerable and underserved patients, both rural and urban. Teledentistry is the use of electronic information, imaging and communication technology to provide the dental care, diagnosis, consultation, treatment,… Continue reading A Complete Guide on TeleDentistry

The Rise of Telenutrition


Telehealth is the use of digital information and communication technology, such as computers and smart devices, to directly access health facilities, and to monitor health care. Telenutrition is a way to use a Skype-like network to hold a diet therapy session entirely over the phone. From the safety of your home, you can undergo a… Continue reading The Rise of Telenutrition

ADA Guidelines for Teledentistry


Teledentistry is a way to provide medical care and oral health information to patients at a distant site or to integrate care providers of medical care provision. With the advancement of teledentistry, patients are able to access information from a range of professionals on oral services, dental exams, and diagnosis, both by visual contact. This… Continue reading ADA Guidelines for Teledentistry

Benefits of Telehealth or Telemedicine for Patient and Providers


Telemedicine or Telehealth offers many advantages for patients, as well as for healthcare providers, especially this during the COVID-19 pandemic. Here we are discussing the Benefits of Telehealth or Telemedicine for Patient and Providers / doctors. Benefits of Telemedicine / Telehealth for Patients 1. No Transportation Time or Costs You can save money on gas,… Continue reading Benefits of Telehealth or Telemedicine for Patient and Providers

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